Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery

mandy moore plastic surgery

Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mandy Moore is a famous American actress, song writer, singer and fashion designer. She first came into the limelight with her debut song, ‘Candy’. In 2001, she made her film debut with ‘Dr. Dolittle 2’ though it was only for a minor voice role. Her first starrer role was in the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’, an adaption of a romantic novel by Nicholas Spark, where she portrayed the role of Jamie Sullivan. She starred in many films between 2003 and 2006. She has many amazing movies to her credit like ‘How to Deal’, ‘Chasing Liberty’, ‘Because I Said So’ and ‘License to Wed’. Presently, at the age of 31, the young actress already seems to have undergone plastic surgery.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Today, we are seeing even the younger celebrities falling for the trap of plastic surgeries. We can’t blame them as the competition is escalating in Hollywood. Upon comparing before and after photos of Mandy Moore, we can, to some extent, say that her pretty nose is an outcome of rhinoplasty.

Nose Surgery

Mandy Moore has flatly denied rhinoplasty accusations by saying, “Doesn’t make any sense! I haven’t had a nose job.” But her face tells an entirely different story. Earlier, Moore had a wide and bulbous nose. The tip of the nose was somewhat rounded. But today, we see that her nose is slimmer with a pointed tip. If we take a closer look at her nostrils, it can be safely concluded that they have moved inward. In the past, her nostrils were more pronounced. Overall, at present, her nose appears to be much smaller.

Other Plausible Theory for Rhinoplasty

In Moore’s defense, we can also say that her nose has only subtle changes. Maybe it is simply the result of the angle at which her photographs were taken. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn was also not quite sure about Moore undergoing Rhinoplasty. He said ,”She may very well have had a rhino, but it is not completely obvious with these photos. I think it may be the certain photo of her (maybe she is looking a bit surprised and taking in a breath). ”

Botox Injections

Whether she has used Botox injections or not is still a mystery. She has young and youthful skin and she doesn’t need any Botox. However, we can see some differences in her skin in before and after pictures. It can just be the make up effect. But we cannot be sure.

Final Review

Rhinoplasty is usually done for fixing a disfigured nose or for aesthetic reasons. Most of the celebrities get the nose job done for meeting the beauty standards which are set by the media. Mandy may have been bitten by the plastic surgery bug of Hollywood, but as she is so young, she does not want to admit it to her fans yet. As for her skin, if Mandy has used Botox injections on her face, it is really unnecessary for her. Her natural beauty is enough to make her even more successful in the future.