Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

julia roberts plastic surgery

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Julia Roberts is one of the top notch actress of Hollywood. She came into the limelight with ‘Pretty Woman’ and has, since then captivated the hearts of audience with movies like ‘Secret in Their Eyes’, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ , ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Eat Pray Love’. People’s magazine has named her as one of the ’50 Most Beautiful Women’ eleven times. She is not only a versatile actress but also a timeless beauty. She has beautiful, well – sculpted and proportionate features which can make any women jealous. She has perfect hair and a perfect smile.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

On one occasion, the actress stated, ”By Hollywood standards, I guess I’ve already taken a big risk in not having had a facelift. But I have told LancĂ´me that I want to be an aging model.” In her interviews, she has always said that she never went under the knife for looking more pretty. But there are many authentic sources which do not support her stance on plastic surgery. While some people insinuate that she has had rhinoplasty (nose surgery) , others suggest that she had lip surgery done. Some people even suggest that she might have undergone liposuction as it is nearly impossible for a woman to maintain an ideal weight throughout her life. Even at the age of 45, the actress has got a perfect bust-waist-hip ratio which can make other women jealous. But there are many naysayers in this world. So these speculations should not been taken as gospel truths.

Lip Surgery Speculation

Julia is known for her wide and dazzling smile. But most of the sources claim that she had buck teeth earlier in life. When a person looks way younger than his or her age, speculations regarding surgeries is but obvious. However, when we talk about Hollywood, it is always abuzz with such rumors and no actor or actress is spared. For Juliana Roberts, the target area of the speculations is her upper lip. People suggest that she has either undergone a proper lip surgery or has done lip enhancement. Whatever the case may be, this swollen upper lip perfectly suits her beautiful face.

Nose Surgery Speculation

Many celebrities are accused of rhinoplasty. In fact four among five actors are accused of having undergone nose surgery. Well, people who are not much aware of make up ardently support this claim. The truth is, there are plethora of simple make up tricks which can give an illusion of changed nose appearances. Despite rhinoplasty speculations, most of the people safely conclude that Julia Roberts has never undergone any kind of nose surgery. Its just that she has an exceptional make up artist.


Liposuction is very common these days. Considering Roberts has an active modelling and acting career, it is possible that she might have sculpted her body with liposuction.

Surgery Results

I think being nominated as one of the ”50 Most Beautiful Women” makes my stance absolutely clear. There may be speculations about her surgeries, but if she has undergone one, it is definitely a huge success. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries should not be treated as taboo. After all, if women can invest her time, money and energy in looking after her family and entertaining the world at the same time, she has complete right to invest some money and efforts in herself as well.