Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Kareena Kapoor Before and After Photos

She was born on the 21st of September 1980 in Mumbai India. She is an Indian actress popular for her appearances in many Bollywood movies and films. She is among the highest paid actresses in the industry. She comes from a family of actors and actresses with both her mother and father, Babita and Randhhir Kapoor being famous actors in Bollywood. She has one elder sister: Karisma Kapoor who is also an actress. She has stated that her mother got her name from a book she read while pregnant: Anna Kareina. She has a Sinahi descent from her mother’s side and a Punjabi descent from her father’s side. As a young girl, she practiced Hinduism but since her mother was a Christian, she was also exposed to the religion. She has six Film fare Awards to her name.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

She has been followed by claims that she turned to cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance. Cosmetic surgery is not only famous in Hollywood but has also spread its wings to other entertainment industries all over the world. She has vehemently denied the speculations spread against her but this is not enough to throw speculators off her case. Her before and after pictures trending all over the internet capture a noticeable difference in her appearance. She indeed has changed and looking at the rate at which she changed, it is not easy to believe that her changes are natural.

The Facials, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

The sassy Bollywood actress has had several facial procedures. It is claimed that the transformations in her face are due to Rhinoplasty, jaw and cheek surgery. As opposed to before, the actress has a more oval shape with a refined nose. She has a more refined nose with a thin ridge and a pointed tip. It is also claimed she had her jaw realigned to give her face a more oval appearance. Her full cheeks are filed with fillers to achieve a proportionate safe.

There is also a big change in her boob size. It is natural for women to grow boobs when they are in their formative years but when they do so in the latter years, breast augmentation becomes the first suspect. Although she constantly denies the claims, there is something to her new bra size that cannot be explained by push up bras.

The actress’s curves have further been enhanced by her flat tummy. Apparently, this admirable feature is not due to exercise and diet, rumor has it that she underwent a tummy tack. Tummy tucks are the quickest way to get rid of excess fats and gain your figure back.

Surgery Results

The Bollywood acting sensation is prettier than ever. With her pretty face and enhanced feminine curve, she is exactly what a star needs to be. All the surgeries where carried out to precision. Her objectivity and moderation has given her what most women both in and out of the entertainment industry would like to have.