Kelly Rowland Nose Job

Kelly Rowland nose job

Kelly Rowland Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

When it comes to Hollywood and the world of superstardom, having an attractive appearance is important. It comes with the pressures of being a celebrity, the world always sets their eyes on you. A good image physically sets our celebrities apart to get the best commercial deals and grandest endorsements. It is likely that your favourite musician or actor has undergone enhancements or surgery to improve their appearance. For the ladies getting a good boob job or a fine derriere to keep the fans staring and admiring would be a great investment, the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have some of the finest behinds in the celebrity world all because they improved themselves and they are cashing in checks like there is no tomorrow.

Kelly Rowland nose job

When it comes to facial features the most popular procedure is the nose job or rhinoplasty as known in some quarters. There is nobody who made the nose job more famous than the departed Michael Jackson. He epitomized the nose job, although things went awry for him, it did not prevent other celebrities following in his stride and having successful noise jobs. The thing about nose jobs is that their results are seen over time it might take a while to notice a celebrity’s changed nasal features unless they are analyzed for some period of time. Some of the high-profile celebrities to have undergone nose jobs include Rochelle Humes who has been taunted to have had a Michael Jacksonesque nose job, Miley Cyrus, Janet Jackson (unsurprisingly or surprisingly, whichever way you look at it), Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland. Some of the celebrities mentioned above had their nose job way before they exploded into celebville. And some of them predictably have denied ever having nose jobs but as the paparazzi cameras will attest, they have had discernable changes on their noses.

The Kelly Rowland nose job must have occurred after 2001, while she was still high flying with Destiny’s child. She is popular for herself-confessed boobs augmentation back in 2007 but it is noticeable that her nose is much more narrower and more defined than back in the day. The Kelly Rowland nose job became apparent in last year’s an ELLE magazine music celebration, she has also admitted to getting the nose job during several TV shows. She confirmed that she had gone under the surgeon’s knife as she proudly showed off her new and improved nose. Besides from her breast implants, the nose job makes her feel confident. Plastic surgery can go wrong but Kelly Rowland’s nose job is quite proportional, it appears natural, you won’t even realize it, then the best thing is that it has maintained her gorgeous beauty, it has not significantly changed her look. The nose’s tip is smaller and projected out and the bridge has been narrowed which complements her face. Her good use of make-up has maintained her elegance making her nose job immaculate. Kelly Rowland’s nose job and breast implants have improved her image as she continues to be successful as a solo artiste.