Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She was born as Serena Jameka Williams on the 26th of September 1981 in Saginaw Michigan in the United States. She is known for scooping and maintaining the first position in women singles tennis. The talented tennis player is the only one holding the record of having won prize money of 60 million US dollars. She is the daughter to Richard Williams and Oracene Price. She is the youngest child of a family of five with three half-sisters Lyndrea, Isha and Yetunde Price and her blood sister Venus. She started playing tennis when she was only three after her family moved to Compton in California. In her earlier years, she was coached by both her parents but as later signed into Rick Macci tennis academy where she accessed additional coaching. She was only nine years old then.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Although we are used to plastic surgery among celebrities, this art of beauty is mostly associated with actors and musicians. However, Serena has gone ahead to show that anyone who can afford it can have this procedure. It is speculated that the sports personality has had a few procedure to improve her appearance. With an apple body shape, it is believed that her toned out body shape is due to more than just exercise. A comparison of her pictures show the readily noticeable changes she has undergone over time some of which are quite impossible to accomplish naturally. She has not offered any comment on the trending speculations but this has simply added fuel to the fire.

Nose Job, Boob Job and Butt Implants

As a woman of African American ancestry, it is natural that her natural nose is relatively wide. However, this was her nose before the speculated surgeries since the star tennis player now boosts of a chiseled nose with a slender and refined ridge. The difference in the shape and size of her nose is clear. It has been argued that makeup can temporarily later the shape of the nose but the truth in this is yet to be established.

It is also rumored that she had a boob job to boost the perkiness of her boobs. Naturally, she is a big girl and her relatively large cup size is captured in her before photos. However, her boobs transformed to perky in an instant. This is the work of a boob job and not push up bras since she has been spotted flaunting her cleavage without the aid of a push up. At her age, it is expected that her boobs had started to obey gravity and there is no harm in her fixing that. It is also argued that she went for butt implants probably to match her new cup size.


She has an amazing apple body shape with all her curves in the right places. It is believed that the cosmetic procedures helped her achieve and maintain this shape. She is more feminine and attractive and is definitely proud of her new self. Her nose job has also improved her appearance a great deal since she is prettier and more elegant.