The Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Story – Bobs and Nose


Christina Ricci Nose Job And Breast Reduction

Christina Ricci is one of those popular stars who has managed to mesmerize millions of fans around the world, with her classic looks and well defined acting career. Being one of the most popular child celebrities, she is perhaps amongst a handful of actors who has managed to avoid any and every type of controversy, but it was with the movie Sleepy Hollow which became the pivotal point in her personal life.

Christina Ricci face

Appearing with smaller breasts, Cristina Ricci becomes the talk of the tinsel town practically overnight. I mean no one goes from from a size D cup size to size C cup size like that. But if you look closely, then she has not one, but two breast reduction surgery. Originally Christina Ricchi had managed to captivate the audience’s imagination with her full D cup breast size which looked huge for her five foot frame, but it was with Sleepy Hollow that made it noticeable that she had undergone breast reduction surgery. If you take a closer look at her formative stages, then you will realize that her breasts were already starting to shrink down in Prozac Nation due to her first surgery, but it became evident with Sleepy Hollow that she had gone down two cup sizes.

The Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery ; breast reduction

It is well known that many stars undergo breast enlargement surgery to get that fuller look, but it seems that her D cups became too much of a handful for her. Upon approaching her about her breast reduction surgery she completely denied that fact that she had any and it was due to her workout and diet that she was loosing a few extra pounds from her breast, but boobs don’t bloat up and shrink down for skinny people.

If we take a closer look at Christinas photos from the time when she played Wednesday Adams, it is also quite clear that she also had a nose job done to enhance her already goddess like face. But Christina won’t give in that easily into the Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery story, as she still wants to remain as one of those child celebrities who managed to dodge the gossip column all her life.