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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Finally  Somebody Ready to Talk About Her Breast Augmentation?

Wendy Williams Hunter, born to Thomas and Shirley Williams on July 18th 1964, is a native of Asbury Park, New Jersey. The 49 year old American is a media personality, author, and actress. She hosts a self-titled show, The Wendy Williams Show. She has in the recent past gained her notoriety for her on-air spats with other celebs. As an author, Williams has authored an autobiography and several other masterpieces. She is the proud owner of Wendy Williams Hair World. For now let us leave the celeb’s history and wealth alone and concentrate on some more sensitive issues, the Wendy Williams plastic surgery.


Unlike many other actresses who find it difficult to admit that they have gone under the knife, Williams openly confirms that she has had several operations. She advises people to stop following the old, barren path of exercise and diet. She notes that this way is stressful and does not always yield expected results. She thus advises her fans, and the general public, to visit a surgeon for “proper suggestions”. She notes that before she was operated on, she was overweight and her breasts were so small. She is now glad to have a perfect body shape coupled with everlasting beauty.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery may have involved two major operations, including boob job and liposuction. On its part, boob job is a plastic surgery associated with those who desire to alter the size of their breasts. A look at photos of the actress taken before and after the boob job reveals a whole world of difference. Prior to the operation, she had small flabby breasts. After the operation, her boobs appear big and round.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery also involved liposuction. This is an operation designed to help people lose body fat without the need for practice. The actress claims that her parents persuaded her to adopt diet and exercise programs as safe ways of losing weight, but she was attracted to plastic surgery. She is happy with the outcome and has no regrets.