Won Bin Plastic Surgery

Won Bin Plastic Surgery

Won Bin Before and After Pics

In all truth, Won Bin is a highly successful actor and one of Korea’s most handsome celebrities. In less than a decade, Bin has built his acting profile on the strengths of his great looks and incredible talent as an actor. He was born on 10 November 1977 in Jeongseon, South Korea. At the prime of his youth, Bin announced his presence on the Korean celebrity scene with his self-effacing personality that belied an immensely gifted actor. Since then, he has sustained enormous passion for action-thriller movies and television drama. He is renowned for such great movies as The Man from Nowhere, Taegukgi, Autumn in My Heart, and Mother.

Won Bin and the Eyelid Surgery Speculations

What happened to Won Bin’s face a few years after he shot into the limelight? This has question has elicited various responses in the Korean celebrity corridors. In fact, the echoes of the surgery rumors are quickly attracting millions of ears and eyes in places far beyond Seoul’s celebrity spaces. Some celebrity watchers are fully committed to the idea that Bin booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon with the sole objective of reshaping and resizing his eyelids. There are also other opinions that have attempted to link Bin to a nose job. Speculators who prefer this line of thought argue that South Korean celebrities prefer a double surgery procedure involving eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty in order to acquire a more international appearance.

Won Bin Before Surgery

Sometimes it is easy to think that some insidious bug often bites Korean celebrities the moment they enter stardom. For many years, the obsession with surgery has ever been on a steady rise. If names were to be pinned to the figures, the results would confirm that the love for plastic enhancement cuts across the demographic categories of age, gender, class and all. As usual, gossipers have used many before surgery photos in their attempt to show some proof of an eventual change of face. Some of the photo evidence used to back the gossipers’ claims appears to show the celebrity with a broad nose and squinting eyes. Although it might be tricky to vouch for the authenticity of these photos, they seem to align with perceptions regarding the authentic appearance of a Korean man. In short, the gossipers are not ready to accept a Korean celebrity without small eyes and a slightly broad nose. That is why the rumors persist.

Won Bin After Plastic Surgery

Some sections of the celebrity press have splashed Won Bin’s recent photos on their magazines and internet spaces in their attempt to push ahead with the eyelash surgery claims. The idea tends to get a new life with the release of new photos. The main argument that critics want to strengthen is that Bin’s face seems to have changed in a very significant way. According to the grapevine, the later photos show him with a smaller and more pointed nose. The general impression is that the bridge of his nose looks narrower in these new photos. Like in the past, Bin enjoys the love of his fans who have sought to brush aside such speculations in the best arguments possible. Many of these fans think that their adorable celebrity simply knows how to take care of himself. After all, Bin is a fitness enthusiast with a black belt in Taekwondo.

Won Bin Reaction to Eyelash Surgery Speculations

Naturally, Bin is a retiring individual who shows little interest in sharing matters of his private world. As such, it remains highly unlikely that he will eventually open up to the world of critics to divulge any information about the presumed changes on parts of his nose. Given the inquiring nature of speculators, some celebrities simply choose the option of silence. Luckily for Bin, he comes from a country that does not attach extraordinary interest on plastic enhancement. At one point, South Korea was regarded as one of the world’s leading destinations of plastic surgery. This is one good reason that might keep Bin out of the heat of criticism for some days or years ahead.

Won Bin Plastic Surgery Results

Some people may dispute Bin’s artistic qualities, but most people are willing to contend that he remains one of the most attractive stars alive. Obviously, he is a celebrity who knows the ways to a handsome face. This does not necessarily confirm the thesis of a plastic enhancement. There are many who believe that the plastic surgery did wonders in changing his face from average to exceptionally handsome. Opinions may vary, but a comfortable consensus seems to flow in his favor.