Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pics – Brest Implants

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery - Before and After Pics

Plastic Sugeries Done by Brooke Burke

Very few people are aware that the model and actress Brooke Burke was once married to the best plastic surgeons ever head of; Garth Fisher. This Beverly Hills- based surgeon is believed to have made a series of enhancements on her body including a nose job and breast implants that are very noticeable. However,her plastic surgery surprisingly featured a reduction in the size of her boobs although other plastic jobs are also said to have shaped her appearance and they include Botox fillers and abdominoplasty.

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery - Before and After Pics

Looking at the 42 years old face, no one can doubt that the model had Botox injections. She did it so well that nothing looks overdone, and the overall result is a tight and fresh facial look which befits a girl in her early twenties.


Similarly, her images before and after surgery reveal a significant change in the size and shape of her nose. Rhinoplasty has not only made her nose to look narrower, but has also redefined her nose tip to appear smaller than what she had before. The new visual aspect indeed blends well with the face, probably securing her from the visible signs of ageing and saving the job that most celebrities adore so much.

Plastic Sugeries Done by Brooke Burke

While most celebrities go for breast enlargement, Brooke Burke seems to be sailing in different waters. She seemed dissatisfied with her perfectly rounded boobs and went for breast reduction. She seemed so perfect in the initial shape but she might have thought of proportionality because her current breasts are small but attractive too.


Abdominoplasty is also a possible option in Brooke Burke’s diary of the surgeons knife. This is someone who has hit 42 years, with four children but when looking at her stomach, it remains flat, suggesting abdominoplasty to enhance the shape. She is not so conversant with the gym; hence there is no natural occurrence which could have shaped her better than plastic surgery.


Garth Fisher must have taken a good time to shape his woman because it can barely be noticed that she had a surgeon’s knife under her skin. Yet still, very few people have known the secret that she was committed to a plastic surgeon from the onset.







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