Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett plastic surgery - Before and After Pictures

Comedian Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Adventures Before and After Pics!

Carol Burnett is not only known for her fame as a comedian but also as one of the senior actresses in the Hollywood industry. She revealed some time back that she had gone under the surgeon’s knife to enhance her looks, a process which had been funded by a Hollywood actor but whom she never wanted to mention.

The first surgery she underwent was meant to bring her chin forward. As a child, she was not satisfied with her appearance, and did not imagine that she could go for a cosmetic surgery until she was featured on television as an actress. This is when she learned the value of good looks, and decided that her chin was the ugliest part that she could change first. When interviewed on TV, she turned it into a comedy and could even laugh it off, arguing that if it remained there, she felt it the more and it was seemingly uncomfortable.

Similarly, her skin looks too young for a 79-year old actress. She seems to breathe behind the body of a teenager because the cruel signs and effects of ageing do not seem to catch up with her. It can all be explained by the Botox injections which she sought to delay the wrinkles and saggy skin for as long as she could. It turned out successful for her, keeping her skin tight and wrinkle-less at least until now.

Carol Burnett plastic surgery - Before and After Pictures

Regrets and Change of Mind

Though she admitted that she likes the plastic appearance, she has since then resented this, saying that she won’t find herself under the knife again because at her age, it is rather useless to try maintaining the youthful appearance that most celebrities desire.

However, it is important to note that the celebrity has not undergone breast enlargement, eyelid surgery and nose jobs that most celebrities prefer. What astonishes most people is her openness and brave nature, admitting that she has a plastic inclusion that is maintaining her glittering appearance. In any case, if it could be possible to reverse the ageing process, perhaps she would also rush into. At the moment, what people have been trying to figure out is the Hollywood personality behind her plastic surgery funding.

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