Catwoman Plastic Surgery Disaster – Before and After

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Disaster - Before and After

 Catwoman Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong


People are quick to notice a drastic change in beauty, especially if the change is for the worse and they can go as far as calling you names. Jocelyn Wildenstein is a living roof, because she was named cat woman when her appearance changed uniquely to what people could call a cat. It is very interesting to know that the 70-year old celebrity did it out of love, because the husband liked a big cat, the reason why she decided to be the big cat herself so as to win the husband’s undying love.

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Disaster - Before and After

After a series of negative feedbacks, she had to spend a huge four million dollars to bring her appearance back through plastic surgery, which brought back her human face but not as expected. One of the surgeries that she underwent was lip injections, in a move to make them sexier and thicker. The results could indeed justify why she was able to marry a billionaire but the subsequent surgeries that made her a cat also justify their divorce because she could barely be recognized as human.


She also sought eye surgery in which her eyes were pulled up and back to look like a cat’s. However, it has never impressed her fans. She has been named as the scariest celebrity on earth. While most women argue that it is sexy to dress like cat woman, none of them has ever desired to look like her. Jocelyn Wildenstein has never been satisfied with the cosmetic surgeries that she has undergone so far, though she insists that she wanted to look like a cat.


Her list of surgeries also include facelift and cheek injections, but none of them seems to have come out successful. Her face still has the bumpy look as though she has been overrun by a heavy machine, difficult to say whether it is rough or wrinkled because it is too unsightly.


She joins the other celebrities who have suffered devastating plastic surgeries. However, if she had sought fame, then certainly she has achieved it as the scariest celebrity that the world has ever had. Nonetheless, if actresses and models could learn from her mistake, then plastic surgeons could be running on an empty stomach by now.