Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

The Axl Rose Plastic Surgery - Celebrity Makeover

 Axl Rose Silky Face Rices Questions

Is it true that Axl Rose had a plastic surgery? Or is it old age which has turned him into a creature which looks like it escaped from a wax museum? These are few questions which has been rattling everyone’s thoughts when they look at Axl Rose these days, as this Guns n Roses Rockstar has managed to become one of the biggest accidents of celebrity plastic surgery accidents. Which is why we need to get a better look at the Axl Rose plastic surgery list to make sure as to what exactly went wrong with his face.

The Axl Rose Plastic Surgery - Celebrity Makeover

Axl Rose managed to win our hearts with his evergreen rock classics, but this Sweet Child O Mine star has come a long was since his Paradise City days. Reappearing in 2006 after staying away for more than 12 years from the limelight, Axl looked like something out from the a horror movie. With his pasty white skin and doll like looks, Axl has managed to lose all of his rugged looks. Being completely open about his plastic surgery, Axl has admitted undergoing Botox injections for his face to fight off the effects of age and years of drug use on his face. He has also admitted undergoing Rhinoplasty to enhance the shape of his nose, hair plugs to make up for his receding hairline, facial fillers and facelift. I really wonder why a man of Axl’s looks and caliber would go out of his way to look like a wax doll, I mean he was one of the best looking guys in the business. In my opinion his real freak story began when he started to gain weight.

FAxl, oops I mean Axl managed to put on some serious pounds in the past few years, which has made him look like a complete accident. We all thought that there is no way that this man can look bad, but it looks like Axl took that unanimous statement as a challenge which he had to win at any cost. Even though we all could accept his plastic surgery or weight gain in different paradoxes, but both of them combined has made every photoshoppers worst creation of Axl Rose come to life.