Elle Macpherson – All Natural or A Plastic Surgery Victim?

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle Macpherson – A Natural Beauty Have Gone Under the Surgeon’s Knife?

The beautiful fashion model Elle Macpherson is now 50 years old and looking amazing. Virtually wrinkle free with plumped lips and a nicely formed lips, she is still a bombshell. Her breasts are also in the right place, and have kept their shape. Rather it is natural beauty or not, Elle MacPherson has kept and maintained every asset she may have. She has made millions off of her beauty and even landed the nickname “The Body” after being featured in The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The fact of the matter is that her beautiful complexion and slender body have retained their youthful look even after years have gone by. Yes, she is a super model. But she is also human, and no human defies the law of time. Does she have good genes, or has she gone under the knife? What does Elle MacPherson say? What about the experts?
Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

What Elle Says

The Australian beauty insists that she is completely natural nowadays, even though she does admit to trying pretty much every bit of Botox in her early days. It didn’t work for her, she says, so she chose to go natural. She is apparently a 34C and totally natural. Her face, too, is untouched according to The Body. Her trick? She says it’s “not falling into the plastic surgery thing. I have a strong aversion to putting anything artificial into my body.” So she has chosen to avoid intervening with the course of nature and just let her body do what it wants, although she does claim to maintain her health with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

What the Experts Say

The rumors about Elle’s surgery include nose and boob jobs, Botox, and lip augmentation. Many professionals have to agree with these rumors. Her skin is too smooth and wrinkle free to be natural at her age. Her lips are plumped in a way that leads many plastic surgeons to believe she has received Juvederm treatments, as well as noninvasive treatments to tighten the skin. Many also agree that the bust is too full and pert for people her age, but that the possible breast lift and enlargement was very subtle and successful.

The Verdict

The Body claims to maintain herself with a good diet and exercise routine, not going near the knife. She had Botox treatments in the past, supposedly, but now Elle chooses to go “natural” and stay away from artificial surgeries of any type. However, the photo evidence and professional opinions show something different. Elle’s breasts are larger and rounder than in most of her bikini pictures. Plastic surgeons agree that MacPherson’s complexion completely resembles Botox and artificial fillers. It is just not natural for anyone (no, not even Elle MacPherson) to have skin like that at the age of 50. It is now your turn to decide which side of the story you believe!