Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery – Before and After Botox Pics

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery nose job and botox

Kelly Ripa Under the Knife

While a number of Hollywood stars take advantage of plastic surgery procedures to save their careers, most of them go too far and they end up with an appearance that they never wanted to have. The process is irreversible, but more and more actresses are seeking the procedures, and Kelly Maria Rip[a is no exception. She has even admitted it in public that she goes under the knife every seven months. Her success as a talk show host is stained with a lot of plastic surgery rumours indicating that she is a victim of Botox injections and nose job procedures.
Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery nose job and botox

Taking a look at the pictures before and after Kelly Ripa’s presumed plastic surgery, there is a little change in her nose which points to a nose job. It is now well defined and slimmer compared to the round and wide nose that she had before the surgery. A surgeon called Dr. Shafer said that her nasal bridge is more defined, and this is a sign that her rhinoplasty was done with a lot of expertise because it tends to go wrong with a number of celebrities.

Besides a nose job, the star also uses regular Botox injections which have changed the appearance on her face. She looks smooth without any sign of a wrinkle. She presently looks beautiful and glittering but for those who knew her before, they can attest that she is breathing behind a foreign body. This, However, does not matter to celebrities as long as they are maintaining their career and looking attractive.

Kelly Ripa has not gone under the knife to seek breast augmentation which her counterparts are obsessed with. Maybe she is satisfied with the shape and size of her boobs but no matter what type of cosmetic surgery one has gone for, it speaks negatively in relation to their self esteem and personality. She has, however, agreed that her appearance is not natural, and that she seeks a transformation after every seven months to maintain that youthful look. What she has not known is that if it backfires once, there will be no reverse