Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery

Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery

Gloria Vanderbilt Before and After Photos

She was born on the 20th of February 1924 as Gloria LAURA Vanderbilt in New York City New York. She is a member of the famous Vanderbilt family residing in New York. She is the only child of her mother Gloria Morgan and her father Claypoole Vanderbilt. Her mother was the second wife. She has a half-sister: Cathleen Vanderbilt from her father’s first marriage. When she was eighteen months old, she lost her father to Cirrhosis making her an heirless and one of the beneficiaries of a 5 million pounds trust fund. Her christening was done at the Episcopal Church but she was confirmed to the Catholic Church after the death of her father. Her mother was a catholic. She is an author, heiress, actress and socialite. She is also the mother to Anderson Cooper: the famous CNN news anchor.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

At the age of 91, she is still considered a head turner for her high sense of fashion and radiant looks. Gloria has always been a trends setter and it is no surprise that her appearance is of great importance to her. There is a lot about her face that suggest that she has had some work done to slow down the rate of aging. She is one of the great looking veterans in the industry. Although she has not opened up about her surgeries, there is little doubt that she has had some work done overtime. Probably, she is still on some procedures since she has not lost her radiance.

Facelift, Fillers and Eyelid Surgery

As it is the norm with veterans in Hollywood, the non-invasive Botox and facelifts are preferred to reverse the aging process. Gloria has not been left behind since her face shows the tale tell signs of using these procedures. She has a smooth, even toned skin free of wrinkles and crow feet. Her smooth and shiny skin gives her away. It is believed that she is using a combination of Botox and facelifts to achieve maximum results. At her age, she has no choice than to remain vigilant given that she does not want the wrinkles to show. Aside from the two, she has also invested in fillers to ensure that her cheeks remain full and firm giving her face an overall youthful appearance.

Eye bags area common nuisance when people age. However, with the invention of eyelid surgery, the likes of Gloria no longer have to worry about them. Unlike most people of her age, her eyes are more open suggesting that she had a procedures to get rid of the eye bags and open her eyes wider.

Surgery Results

Her choice of surgery suggest that she did not want her face to give her age away. Luckily for her, she got what she wanted but failed to maintain her natural appearance. There is no way of telling the number of times she has had to engage in the above procedures but to look like she does, it must be several times. It is expected that most of her natural appearance will slowly fade away. Gloria is not in a bad way, she is still an admirable woman who is loved by her fans.