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She was born as Leslie Kim but is famous by her stage name “Han Ye Seul “on the 18th of September 1981 in Los Angeles California. She was raised at her birth place. She attended the Cerritos high school and College and has an Associate degree in Computer Graphics to her name. She released her acting debut in 2003 in the television movie Non Stop. The following year, she went back to South Korean and became a naturalized citizen after renouncing her United States citizenship. The same year she appeared in Forbidden Love but the film got very low reviews and she received negative criticism from film critics. In 2005, she made a major comeback with her leading role in Couple or Trouble. The film received positive review and it is expected, her prominence rose with it. She is fluent in two languages: English and Korean.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The Korean actress has transformed greatly since her first appearance in the entertainment industry. As years go by, it is natural for people’s appearances to change in accordance with the natural body changes which accompany growth. However, when such changes seem to defy nature, cosmetic surgery speculations will arise. The sassy Korean actress is known for her different hairstyles and this is bound to change her appearance slightly. However, the major change in the shape and size of her eye cannot be explained by such. There are rumors that she has had her eyes opened up a bit. When asked about this, she openly denied that she has had any procedures to alter her eyes. She explained that she feels confident in her natural looks and she has often been told she has a feminine appearance. However, this is not enough for her as she said she sometimes wishes she had a charismatic aura around her, but still, this wish is not reason enough for her to alter her looks surgically.

Eyelid Surgery

Han Ye Seul is rumored to having her eyes opened up. As a person of Asian ancestry, her natural eyes were a bit small. This is a common surgery among celebrities from Asia since they seek to open up their eyes wider in order to convey emotion better. Looking at her before and after pictures, there is a slight different in the size of her eyes. Since she has denied having had the procedure, this surgery is a mere speculation and the truth in it has been reduced to a matter of opinion.

Surgery Results

It is admirable when celebrities refuse to be plastic surgery junkies. Han has proved to be confident in her natural look since this is the only surgery she has been thought to have. It is understandable why she may have chosen this procedure since the amazing results have given her what every women desires: big and open eyes, which auger well with the rest of her facial features. She is prettier in her after pictures since her eyes are bigger and more open complementing her beauty.