Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

howard stern plastic surgery

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery and New Look

Commonly known as the shock doc D.J, Howard Stern is a celebrity who has paid a dear prize for dating a younger woman. In an effort to keep up with his young love competitors, he inevitably y turned to plastic surgery to enable his love aspirations. The 59 year old decided to face the surgeon’s knife and have his flaws together with traces of old age done away with.

howard stern plastic surgery

Did He Really Have The Surgeries?

In 2006, he admitted to having had two surgeries, these include a nose job and liposuction. Apparently Howard stem could not resist the temptation of having a narrow sharp tipped elegant nose. On top of the nose job, he went ahead to get rid of the double chin he once had. His present pictures show Howard Stern with a narrow bridged nose and a single ended chin. The actor cum television host admitted to having kept his surgery a secret due to the fear of being thought gay. Whatever made him change his mind is a mystery but maybe it is the fact that plastic surgery victims no longer face lots of criticism in the present world.

Aside from the two surgeries Howard has come open about, it is believed that he has had a facelift to wipe away traces of old age. He now enjoys a wrinkle free face home to his elegant nose.

Surgery Results

It is unfortunate that surgery can actually prevent you from smiling. Howard’s facelift did not get well for him. He face looks literary frozen that it is almost impossible to believe that the skin can be twisted into a smile. On the other hand, his nose was overdone as it appears ridiculously slender. The proportion of his nose to the rest of his face is completely off making the nose look filed down. The liposuction too was a flop, as much as it got rid of the second chin, the results are far from perfect, and his chin looks smaller and out of place. It is a good thing that the bad results did not completely distort his face at least his fans can still recognize him.