Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

julie chen plastic surgery

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery and New Look

Julie Chen is one of the pretty faced Asian news anchors rumoured to have had a number of plastic surgeries. A comparison of her before and after photos reveals a slight difference in her facial features. In her earlier photos, her facial features together with her face structure appear wide. However, her recent photos reveal a beautiful Chen with narrow facial features.

julie chen plastic surgery

How Many Surgeries Has Chen Had?

News of her speculated surgeries hit the gossip world with a thud. It was speculated that she had had check implants, chin surgery, a nose job, veneers and eye surgery. The check implants were associated with her full cheeks. Her pointed chin which looks different from her then less pointed chin was alluded to a chin surgery. Critics further accuse her of rhinoplasty which must have transformed her wide nose into an elegant narrow strip with a pointed tip. Her wide eyes are definitely too wide for a Chinese suggesting that she must have had an eye surgery.

When the speculations became too much for the Asian beauty to bear, she decided it was time for her to come out in the open with what she did and didn’t do. According to her confessions in the “Talk Show”, she has only had one surgery.

She admitted to having had the eye surgery to make her eyes bigger. She wanted to get rid of her Chinese look which apparently was not selling in the media industry. Before you judge her for hating her roots, she is proud to be Chinese but her passion for journalism was greater than this pride. She succumbed to her director’s comments about her inability to do well on television since her eyes gave her too serious a look. When this sentiment was echoed by yet another director, she knew it was time to correct this flaw.

Did Her Surgery Work For Her?

Rumors of her other surgeries remain mere speculations. She has somehow managed to convince a big number of people that the changes on her face are attributed to make up. Her makeup artist must be so good. Her determination to prove this knows no bounds as she submitted her makeup free pictures for comparison. Generally, her eye surgery went well for her since the veteran journalist finally landed on her dream job.