Jadye Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

jayde nicole plastic surgery

Jadye Nicole Plastic Surgery and New Look

Jayde Nicole is definitely one of the young celebrities who decided to sail in the world of plastic surgery to soon. She has not clocked thirty but she seems too anxious to fight old age. It is rumored that she had her first surgery at the tender age of twenty three. There must be something about plastic surgery that pushes celebrities to have more and more. It is further rumored that she had at least two more surgeries as if to complement her first one.

jayde nicole plastic surgery

What Surgeries Has She Had?

Jayde Niccole’s plastic surgery includes breast augmentation. Her new cup sizes are nothing close to natural; it is the work of the surgeons. She looks good with it though. At 23 when her beauty was gradually coming to its peak, she had this surgery to blend in with the changes in her body shape. Her general figure looks better since her feminine curves have been enhanced.

The breast augmentation opened the door to the other surgeries. She has had a nose job that transformed her relatively wide nose into a thin, elegant strip with a sharp tip. The nose complements the rest of her facial features and she looks more beautiful than before. Additionally, her lips where injected with restylane or juvaderm, the same fillers that are suspected to be injected in her cheeks. The Botox injection seals her surgeries, her smooth and shiny forehead suggest a Botox injection.

Her lip injection and rhinoplasty rumors have been confirmed by Dr. Sherrel .J. Ahton. Dr. David Shaffer suggested the cheek fillers and Botox injection.

Was The Surgery Necessary?

Jayde Nicole is a natural beauty, her before photos affirm this fact. However, she is too young a girl to erode her natural beauty with these surgeries. As much as she still looks stunning in her after photos, some people accuse her of having a more plastic than natural looks. The Botox injection for example was unnecessary; she is already fighting old age that is yet to come. The lip injection exaggerated the size of her lips to an unproportional size. If she keeps this up, she will soon look too mature for her age and will gradually loose all her natural beauty to the point that she will barely recognize herself in the mirror.