Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

hyun bin plastic surgery

Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery and New Look

The news of this handsome Korean actor’s surgery brought a new wave of celebrity gossip in the media. As soon as there was noticeable differences in his facial features, surgery speculations arose. It is speculated that the Korean actor has had a facial reconstruction to alter the shape and general appearance of his face.

hyun bin plastic surgery

Did He Have The Nose And Jaw Surgeries?

Hyun Bin’s plastic surgery is a controversial case. Upon the birth of these rumors, there has been mixed reactions from his fans. There are those who believe beyond any reasonable doubt that Hyun Bin has had facial reconstruction procedures. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the facial changes are as a result of weight loss.

It is almost impossible to ascertain the truth in these speculations given that the actor has deliberately refused to confirm these allegations. As it is in most of the celebrity surgery cases, the case of Hyun Bin has left the world with no option but to compare his before and after photos. A comparison of the two reveals major differences in both his jaw line and nose. In his before pictures, his jaw line appears round and is less pronounced. It is believed that he had a surgical procedure to make his jaw line more pronounced and thus give his face an oval shape. As for his nose, it appears narrower with a pointed tip compared to the wide and relatively rounded nose he had before. However, those who are against the surgery speculations allude this change to make up well applied.

Effects of these Surgeries

It is no secret that Hyun has lost some pounds over the few years. This weight loss could result in fat loss especially within the facial area. However, it is the suddenness of these changes that raises questions. Lucky for him, these speculations have not had any noticeable impact on his career. He is still soaring to great heights looking as handsome as ever. If he had the surgeries, he must have had really wonderful surgeons as it takes a keen eye to notice these alleged changes.