Jennifer Connelly’s Breast Reduction Pics

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Jennifer Breast Reduction Facts – Did it Happen ?

There has been a lot of debate about Jennifer Connelly and her breasts for years. In her youth, many speculated that she had implants, giving her roughly a D cup. However, no in her 40s, many are saying she had the implants removed. Others are suggesting that her breasts were natural and she had a breast reduction due to neck and back problems. Others still are saying that she didn’t have implants or breast reductions – she simply lost weight, reducing the size of her bust.

Jennifer Connolly  Breast Reduction pic

The last can be believable enough – after all, when she gained some weight back, her boobs got a bit fuller again.
Even experts such as plastic surgeons have a hard time giving us a straight answer. Did she have the breast reduction or not? We may never know. She denies having had a breast reduction and nose job, saying that it was purely weight loss that gave her her knew appearance. Her manager has said the same. He has even provided photographic proof for their argument that she has not had any surgeries done.

Speculating About Jennifer Breast

I admit, I’m not sure how she could go in and out of plastic surgeries with no definite show such as scars. It seems that if she had an implant, reduction, and another implant that we would be seeing some sort of proof, but as technology progresses, we see less and less of the telltale signs that someone’s gone under the knife.
However, while the change in her breasts might be explained away by weight loss and weight gain, I’ve never heard of someone losing weight in their nose. Many have said, and her photos do look different, that her nose, once a little larger, rounder, and broader, is now smaller, thinner, and a lot less round.
While sometimes people’s faces may look a little different when they lose weight, oftentimes looking sharper and thinner, typically their noses only look bigger when they lose weight, not thinner and more sleek.
So did he have a breast reduction? That’s something we can’t know. But the nose job – in my opinion, I’m pretty sure she did. What do you think?