Fergie Plastic Surgery Pictures

Fergie Plastic Surgery Pictures

Fergie Plastic Surgery – Fergie’s Still in denial

When you take a look at Fergie, especially when you do a year-by-year comparison, it’s painfully obvious that she has had a lot of work done. Yet she still denies having had any plastic surgery. She claims that she’s had absolutely no work done, though she’d consider a nip/tuck due to the years of sun damage done to her skin. However, she’s becoming more famous now for her routine bouts with plastic surgery than she is with her songwriting, music, and fashion lines.
For starters, Fergie has definitely had a nose job. When she was younger, her nose was a little more broad and round, now it’s much more narrow and pointed. Speculators are pretty sure that she’s had the nose done – at least once.
Some folks have suggested that she’s an an endoscopic forehead lift, but with changing hair styles and make up, it’s hard to tell if she’s just playing up her eyebrows sometimes, or if she’s actually had the procedure done.

Fergie Plastic Surgery Pictures
Perhaps even more obvious than her nose job, is her boob job. From April to November of the same year, she seems to have gone up several sizes. Now there are magic bras, boob tape, and booster cups, but no amount of sprucing up could acheive those kinds of results – she’s had breast implants.
Many also believe that she’s had cheek and jaw implants and alterations, as her cheeks are much, much more defined, as is her jaw. But her jaw shape has also changed, from being slimmer and more feminine, to being very square and masculine.
And last but not least, many fans agree that she’s had a healthy amount of collagen injected into her lips.
Considering Fergie was such a beautiful young girl, many have wondered why she has bothered not just with some, but so much plastic surgery. Many more have wondered if the surgeries actually improved her looks, or if they have just made her look older and more insecure.
What do you think? Do you prefer Fergie’s natural look, or the Fergie that we see now?