Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Jennifer Esposito is a sexy multi talented American actress, model and dancer who has featured in a number of movies. Back in the days, the sassy beauty was extremely famous for her pretty looks. However, like other unfortunate Hollywood celebrities who opted to reverse the aging process in vain, she is famous for her botched job that has dimmed the star of her career. The multi talented television personality who was extremely famous after her role in the famous Crash picture that won an Oscar award has lost all her natural beauty to a botched job. Like most famous female celebrities, Jennifer Esposito decided to face the surgeon’s knife to take away any wrinkles and sagging skin that were soon to form n her face. As a renowned model and dancer, her looks really matter a lot, she has to look hot for the camera and pull out any look. However with the botched jobs, the star has lost the face that earned her job contracts.

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery

Surgeries or Speculations? 

This time round, celebrity bloggers were not wrong with their surgery speculations. As it turns out, Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery speculations are indeed true. The star herself confirmed the speculations and was very regretful of the results. Unlike most celebrities who complain to the media and go for corrective surgeries were possible, Jennifer set her complains a bit higher. To her, distorting her natural beauty is a criminal offence and the verdict can only be decided in the court of law. She filed a lawsuit against her surgeon. There is no doubt that the sassy American beauty lost a lot due to the botched plastic surgeries. Botched jobs are the terrible negative side of plastic surgery. With surgery, celebrities are equated to gamblers and the probability of getting a botched job is equal to the probability of getting positive results. Jennifer Esposito is unlucky to have lost her gamble in a terrible way making you almost certain that if even if she wins the lawsuit the damage may not be fully undone.

The Facelift, Botox and Fillers 

Facelift and Botox procedures are anti aging surgical procedures which reverse the aging process. Through tightening of skin, the wrinkles and sagging skin are carefully smoothened out. However, these procedures only work best when done by an experienced plastic surgeon. Jennifer must have suffered due to inexperienced surgeons. It is speculated that the star must have gone light on the procedures but her surgeon spoilt all her aspirations of reversing the aging process. Considering the fact that she filed a law suit against the surgeon, it can be safely said that she is sure the fault was from the surgeon’s side.

Surgery Results 

Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery results is a touchy subject. Considering how much the model’s image has suffered, it becomes difficult to consider the fact that she might have played a role in the flop of her surgical procedures. When you look at her after photos, you will notice a mark on the side of her face. This mark is referred to as a burn mark and is thought to be as a result of failure of the pigmentation process. Normal results of a Botox injection include a smooth, tight and shinny facial skin. However, Jennifer’s Botox aftermath is nothing close to this, her face looks unnatural and her skin looks waxy. The facelift is also thought to have given her a weird expression. Critics argue that Jennifer’s mouth has a pulled effect that makes her look like she is always in pain. This pulled effect is believed to be as a result of a face lift gone wrong. Jennifer has suffered an unfortunate incident and you can only wish her a win in the case she filed.