Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

For many people, the name of Jennifer Aniston conjures up the image of a flawless supermodel who straddles the celebrity world with a sequence of successes in film and fashion. Indeed, it is not easy for an ordinary human to join the Hollywood Walk of Fame and still proceed to earn the ringing endorsement of a famous world magazine as the “sexiest woman on the planet.” It is natural for the world of rumors to speculate on the plastic side of celebrities especially when they are female. Every young woman wants the world to judge their beauty as natural and God-given. Nobody wants people to look at them as a precious doll for fulfilling exaggerated fantasies about beauty. Rumors about Jennifer Aniston nose job swirled in the celebrity world for years until she came forth and ended them with a brazen admission. The rumors were true.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

What Jennifer Aniston Had to Say About the Nose Job:

In 2007, Jennifer Aniston boldly asserted that she sought the services of cosmetic surgeon to remedy some defective parts on her nose. She thought that the nose was not looking quite good for a young celebrity with an illustrious career in popular programs such as Friends, The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, and The Break-Up. In fact, Jennifer Aniston nose job was necessary to spruce up her looks in many other great roles she achieved after the surgery. Any close comparison of Aniston pictures would reveal that she looks quite different in the recent programs she performed after 2007. The Jennifer Aniston that features in the Horrible Bosses has a more beautiful face and a smaller nose as compared to Jennifer Aniston in an older program such as Bruce Almighty. The metamorphosis of beauty is largely the creation of the plastic surgeon. In every way that people want to look, Jennifer Aniston retains an attractive youthfulness and innocent looks that earned her millions of fans over the times.

Mending a Nose with a Deviated Septum:

In her admission about the plastic surgery, Aniston said that she wanted to correct the poor shape of the nose, which caused by a deviated septum. The deviated septum had made her nose to appear slightly out of shape and unappealing on those who sought close-up images of the celebrity. According to some beauty analysts, the nose looked awkwardly bigger and somewhat masculine. It was an ever-present threat to the quest of feminine perfection, which every celebrity wants to nurture against the relentless criticism of beauty enthusiasts. In the estimation of close observers, Jennifer Aniston nose job was a timely intervention against the gravity of aging. In the opinion of some close observers, Aniston would have looked much older today had she squandered such an opportunity. However, some analysts suggest that the celebrity looked much prettier in the previous pictures.

What Critics Think and Why it Matters:

Many celebrities have learned to live with enduring disappointments after failed plastic surgeries. Others have increased the frequency of bookings with multiple surgeons only to complicate their appearances. Nothing terrifies a young woman like the possibility of living with a face that resembles an astonished porcupine because of a cosmetic surgeon gone wrong. According to critics, Aniston might have to seek more help from the cosmetic therapists to restore parts of her face that have borne the brunt of age. Others think that she may have sought some other help without making it public. In their view, every woman maintains a discrete closet of secrets. Nevertheless, Jennifer Aniston’s adoring fans insist that the surgery was highly successful in the sustenance of the celebrity’s beauty.