Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She has made it to the list of one of the most beautiful women in the world. In her recent years, Katrina is no longer followed with the success stories of her olden modeling days but with plastic surgery speculations. Hollywood has created the notion of a perfect appearance which includes preferred shapes and sizes of different body features including the facial features. Naturally, most half casts have extremely attractive appearances borrowed from the desirable characteristics of both sides. It is a sad reality that even the ones considered world beauties lack the self confidence to remain with their naturally endowed appearances. The desire to look and remain Hollywood perfect has driven both the young and old celebrities to turn to plastic surgery to fix their flaws. Despite the fact that the world is gradually changing its views towards plastic surgery, there is no doubt that there is still a large percentage of people which still believes in the beauty of nature.

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

Truth or Speculations 

Plastic surgery speculations have become a normal topic among celebrity columns. This has entrapped both the innocent and the guilty with some of the guilty taking advantage of the uncertain nature of these speculations to assume a position of the victim. This makes it difficult to ascertain the truth in speculations. However, not all speculations are real and unless confirmed or denied by the celebrity, the speculations will keep trending on social media sites in their unconfirmed status. Katrina Kaif plastic surgery speculations are in an unconfirmed status. The truth behind them is dependent on your opinion after a clear comparison of her before and after photos. Like most unfortunate cases, the Bollywood star, infamously known as a foreign import is yet to confirm these speculations reducing her fans and speculators to a game of words on whether or not the star has faced the surgeon’s knife and just how good the results were on her.

Katrina Kaif Nose, Lips and Cheeks 

Katrina seems to have undergone transformations in three of her facial features. For most young women, enhancing these facial features to attain a specific shape and size of perfection as defined by Hollywood is the only way to look beautiful. Apparently, the Bollywood star is greatly influenced by these Hollywood ideologies. Her lips look augmentated. Compared to her before photos, her after lips look sensuous and fuller. A thing attested to lip filler injections. Her cheeks also appear filled. The effect is such that the entire structure of her face looks fuller. However, Katrina’s controversial nose job is often the focus of plastic surgery speculations. There is little doubt that the Bollywood cum Hollywood star has altered the original shape and size of her nose. In her previous photos, Katrina’s nose is relatively wide with a slightly wide tip and bridge. However, her after photos shows a completely transformed nose. The former nose has been replaced with a narrow ridged nose that has gotten ri of the fat tip and replaced it with an elegant slender and pointed tip.

Results of the Surgery 

Katrina Kaif plastic surgery is another of those touchy subjects in the celebrity world. Obviously idolized by her fans and admirers, the Bollywood beauty has enjoyed quite an astonishing amount of fan support. While some bloggers are keen on criticizing her nose and lip jobs as having given her an unnatural appearance, some of her loyal fans strongly believe that the criticism lacks objectivity. According to them, Katrina’s slender face best suits the new nose as opposed to the old nose. Despite all these contradicting arguments, it is time that celebrities should appreciate natural beauty as a way of telling the world that there is no perfect measure for beauty.