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When Joan Rivers first broke into the Hollywood in the late 1950’s, she was nothing more than just another face who wanted to make it big in Tinsel Town. But despite reaching soaring heights within years of joining the industry, there was something else about Joan which fuelled her stardom. And if you’re guessing that we are talking about Joan River’s freakish doll like looks, then you’re right on the money. Because its that time of the year again when we sit down and try to scrutinize Joan Rivers before plastic surgery looks, and how she evolved into the bride of Chuckie we all see today.


Joan Rivers  Surgery Begins

Despite breaking onto the big screen and working with some of the biggest future stars of the industry, in the shortest known struggle period known to mankind. Joan was one of those people who wanted to be known for something more than her acting skills and comic timing. Maybe she worked as an oracle before her acting career took off, which is why she could predict her career spanning five decades even in the infancy of her career. And like we all know, that if you want to remain successful after having a career which killed your dog thrice (Yes dogs have an average lifespan of 14 years), then you should start mutilating your face from a very early age. Perhaps this was one of the main reasons why Joan took a liking to the knife from a very tender age (Ok, its a lie, she was like 30 something) and remains in love with it even after so long.

Joan Rivers plastic surgery proceduresJoan Rivers Before Plastic Surgery

Starting off her long list of surgeries with a few simple nips and tucks here and there, Joan Rivers was well on her way down the surgical road by the mid 1960’s. But despite having one of the biggest freak accidents with the knife, Joan has always been one of those women who has prefer to stay rather candid about her procedures. And before you start comparing Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery, you should be extremely grateful to her. Because without people like Joan Rivers who inspired hundreds and thousands of people to go under the knife, you wouldn’t have these celebrities to laugh about and our website would be out of business. Today if we sit down and start counting the list of 700 surgeries Joan has undergone over the years, some of the most notable ones would have to be:

  • Face lift to keep her from ageing, Joan gave a new meaning to the term “If you cant find the fountain of youth, have a surgery.”
  • Neck Lift to keep the sagging skin around her neck to keep bag makers at bay and from her biggest secret being revealed.
  • Rhinoplasty, because every girl dreams of having a unicorn, but only a handful have the courage to become one.
  • Botox Injections, because your facelift is not enough and you do need to fill it with the worlds most dangerous poison every now and then
  • Eye Tuck, Whatever that is. But we know it has something to do with the eye. Maybe she tucked her eyeballs in.