Kendall Jenner Weight

Kendall Jenner Weight

Kendall Jenner Weight – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 3rd of November 1995 as Kendall Nicole Jenner in Los Angles California. She is a pretty faced youngster who is known for her slim figure. At the age of 14, she had already struck a deal with the modeling agency and became a runway model. She is also a fashion designer and a television personality. She is a half sister to Kim Kardasian who is famous for her curvy body, pretty face and controversial scandals. The super model has also appeared in the E reality show Keeping up with the Kardhasians. Pretty Jenner has a successful career both at the runway and at the fashion industry. She has the perfect slender body famous referred to as the banana shape. Her body suits her career but apparently, the star has issues with the taunts she constantly receives due to her size. Trending in social media sites are taunting remarks regarding her slender frame and how she manages to achieve and maintain it.

Kendall Jenner Weight

Kendall Jenner Weight 

The super model weights 54 kg , his is 119 pounds. For a 19 year old this is considered low for her. But considering her career, her size is right. It is speculated that her weight is a result to f her deliberate eating habits. She is thought to be suffering from an eating disorder in order to maintain the slender body frame. Come to think of it, in case the sassy runway model gains more pounds, chances are that she will lose her job to a slender girl. Celebrities sacrifice a lot for their careers and it is no surprise that Kendall has sacrificed her body for her career. It does not matter what a person wants, when it comes to being successful in Hollywood, trimming yourself down to what is the ideal is the only way. Chances are that Kendall is faced with the same challenge.

What Does She Have To Say? 

For a model being called skinny is a thing to celebrate since it is an indication that you have the perfect body for your job. However, Kendall does not think so. She considers the taunts as rude and insensitive as calling someone fat. In fact she says that it makes her insecure to the point of trying to gain more weight. She claims to be on a fat filled diet but the weight will not come just yet. However, her comments are not valid according to some critics. They consider them false given that she has not shown any interest in quitting her career and gaining weight will mean that she has to quit. The model seems to be caught up in a clash of interests but from her pictures trending gal over the internet, it seems like she has chosen her career.

What Do Other People Say? 

Apparently, Kendall Jenner weight has not only caused a reaction from her fans and critics but also on those close to her. Harry Styles is alleged to be concerned with her weight to the point of offering to make her sumptuous meals to help her gain weight. This is an indication that he is also in support of the fact that Kendall is too skinny and could do better with more meat. However, Kim Kardhasian begs to differ. It seems like she is obsessed with her half sister’s body. She was reported to be on a diet and extensive work out regime to help her loose fats to the size of Kendall. If you have seen the difference in the two sisters, you will not doubt the fact this seems impossible. It seems like Kendall will have to learn to deal with the taunts on her body size. It goes without question that she needs to stick to her body size in order to keep her career.

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