Kim Kardashian Before and After

Kim Kardashian Before and After

Kim Kardashian Before and After

She was born as Kimberley Noel Kardashian on the 21st of October 1980 in Los Angeles California. However, she is currently famous as “Kim” with her full names as Kimberely Kardashian “Kim” West. She is wife to the famous African American rapper Kanye west. Kim is a woman who attracts as much criticism as she attracts praise. She is a controversial public figure with many roles both in the entertainment and business fields in America. She is a fashion designer, model, actress, business woman, social media personality, television personality and socialite. The major source of controversy regarding the actress is what brought her into the limelight. Unlike celebrities who are brought to the limelight by their talents, the sexy actress became a social media personality after the release of her sex tape. She made the tape while dating her boyfriend Ray J. In 2007; her family became the talk of the world in the reality television series Keeping up with the Kardhashians. A celebrity with her profile will with no doubt attract the attention of bloggers and other gossipers who are desperate to find out how much of her is natural.

Kim Kardashian BEFORE plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian Before And After

Pictures of her trending on the internet reveal dramatic transformations that are not thought to be as a result of normal growth processes. It is speculated that more than eight procedures are behind these changes. Kim has denied most of her plastic surgery allegations but overwhelming evidence from sources that have been close to her claim otherwise. Her surgery allegations are as controversial as her character is but this is expected since very few celebrities admit that they have works done on them. Despite this, she was lucky that none of her procedures back fired on her. Thanks to good surgeons, she has been transformed to a complete Hollywood sex symbol with the perfect body shape and facial features.

The Facials

Allegedly the difference observed in Kim Kardashian before and after photos is as a result of a number of facial procedures. Her nose looks refined, thinner and shorter than her previous nose. This is alleged to a nose reduction surgery. Kim who once admitted that her nose was too long and therefore her source of insecurity has been claimed to have enough motif for the surgery. She has denied the allegations but Dr. Youn insists that her nose shows the signs of a conservative rhinoplasty procedure. Her full sensual lips are also speculated to be filler injected and her face lined with Botox. She has admitted having used Botox only once but denied the lip procedure. The change in the size of her lips was recorded during pregnancy and it is suspected that she must have had the said procedure during this period. She has also been accused of using facial fillers and having undergone a facial reconstruction procedure.
There are ongoing rumors about the stars’ latest pre-wedding plastic procedures she had undergone. Kim has been accused of having plastic procedures such as: a nose job, lip injections, toe liposuction and stem cell facial before her big day.

Breast Augmentation, Butt Procedure and Liposuction

Kim is a complete Hollywood sex symbol in terms of how well augmentated her body features are. Apparently, she has had a complete body make over. According to her previous husband Damon Thomas, he paid for the celebrity to undergo a full body liposuction procedure to ensure all her feminine curves were in their places. After denying this fact, Kim later told the divorce court that her husband gave her $ 3,650 to perform the procedure not for herself but for him since he wanted her perfect for him. Dr. Young argues that the socialite’s breasts are too round, dense and full to be natural. She has also denied the butt procedure claims and even went ahead to release an x-ray of her butt in the media. All her attempts of denying the speculations are in vain since a large percentage of her fans and critics at large believe that she is not a natural beauty.

Kim Kardashian AFTER plastic surgery