Kim Kardhashian Measurements

Kim Kardhashian Measurements

Kim Kardhashian Measurements – Before and After Pictures

Kim Kardhashian was born as Kimbereley Noel Kardhasian on the 21st of October 1980. She is a celebrity who enjoys both love and hate in equal measures from her fans and critics. Despite this, she is a beautiful woman who has invested widely in the American entertainment and business field. Entertainment wise, she is an actress, model, socialite, television and social media personality. On the business field, she has invested into fashion design and other businesses. She became famous in 2007 after the accidental release of her sex tape: she had filmed with her boyfriend Ray J. She is currently famous for the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Her striking looks have rendered her the subject of plastic surgery speculations and it is rumored that her current perfect body measurement is all thanks to plastic surgery. Even though the controversial socialite has denied most of these allegations, there seems to be enough evidence to suggest that she is indeed not a naturally hour shaped woman.

Kim Kardhashian Measurements

What Are Kim’s Measurements? 

The hour glass shaped socialite is measured at 37-26-40. Pictures of her trending on the internet clad in bikinis reveal a well endowed woman. She has received too much attention for her stunning curves and edges. Being a fashion designer, it goes without question that her wardrobe is up to date with the latest trending attire perfect for her body. With her firm breasts and wide hips, her clothes fit her better. The perfectly shaped Kim Kardashian has released contradicting statements regarding the surgery allegations leveled against her. Allegedly, her body is as a result of liposuction and a breast implant. She has been faced by other surgery allegations too but the most interesting of her surgeries are those which have had an effect on her body measurement.

Breast Implants

A comparison of her before and after photos shows that the star’s boobs have undergone a massive transformation. Her huge and firm breasts have been one of the sources of controversy of her body features. Although Kim has dismissed these claims, Dr. Anthony Youn is of a different opinion. According to the doctor, her breast size is not an extra ordinary occurrence for a woman of her size but it is their dense and firm nature that insinuates implants. Most critics actually believe that she has benefited from implants at some point in her life. She is a woman associated with many surgeries all of which bore amazing results. Kim is a mother of one and her pregnancy could be another reason for the increase in bra size. However, if it was her pregnancy, it was expected that her boobs shrink back to their normal size after the end of the breast feeding period.


It is also claimed that the actress has had selective liposuction to enhance her curves. Allegedly, she has had a liposuction procedure from her legs and had the fats added on her backside to make them bigger and more pronounced. A tummy tuck is also speculated to have contributed to her flat tummy and small waist. The liposuction speculations which were previously denied by the celebrity were backed up by her husband who claimed that Kim Kardhasian measurements are not a natural occurrence but as a result of a deliberate liposuction procedure. Kim later admitted the claims to the divorce court and argued that her husband wanted her perfect by giving her $3,650 to have the procedure performed. There is strong evidence to back up the fact that the sexy American socialite has altered her body measurement to transform her curves into the much sought after hour glass shape. Fortunately all her wishes came true thanks to the efforts of her skilled surgeon.