Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster

meg ryan plastic surgery disaster

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster – Before and After Pictures

Meg Ryan is a renowned American producer and actress. She was born on 19th November 1961 and is currently 52 years of age. In her younger years, she was known for her drop-dead gorgeous looks and charming aura. She is the queen of chick flicks and is one of the leading female comedians on the Silver Screen. She’s played the role of leading actress in several top-grossing movies such as When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, City of Angels, French kiss and Sleepless in Seattle. The films have been extremely successful as they have grossed more than 870 million dollars worldwide.


Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Rumors

Age is perceived as a horrible disease in Hollywood because looks are everything. It is said that as her years began advancing, Meg Ryan panicked and decided to undergo plastic surgery to preserve her beauty and enhance her looks. Sadly, her plastic surgery procedures did not turn out as expected. She has undergone excessive plastic surgery procedures and they were done terribly making her a classic example of celebrity plastic surgery disasters.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Denial

Meg Ryan has kept mum about the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her. She has neither accepted or denied them. Her silence has added more speculation about the type of plastic surgery procedures that she has undergone. Fans and celebrity watchers have resorted to a game known as “What Happened to Meg Ryan’s face?” to make guesses about her multiple plastic surgery procedures. Even though Meg Ryan has not admitted undergoing plastic surgery, there is no doubt that she has gone under the surgeon’s scalpel. Her “before” and “after” pictures reveal drastic and disastrous differences in her facial appearance. It is rumored that she has had Botox injections, cheek implants, a brow lift, lip augmentation, and a nose job.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Face Lift

Botox usually works wonders on the foreheads of most women. It gives them a youthful appearance and eliminates all wrinkles from their faces. In Meg Ryan’s case, the reverse happened. She does not have any wrinkles, but her forehead is too tight making it difficult to express emotions. She also received cheek implants and fillers which make her face extremely comical. Her eyes do not have sagging eye bags, but they seem pulled and slanted giving them an unappealing stretched back appearance. Her brow lift was done badly and she now looks permanently surprised. Her face appears to be permanently frozen. The glamor and charm that used to radiate from her face has disappeared completely. Most of her fans are heavily disappointed by her new facial appearance.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Lip Augmentation

Meg Ryan’s lip augmentation procedure flopped badly. Instead of giving her lips a fuller sexier looks, she ended up with swollen-like lips since she was injected with too much fat. She has an exaggerated pout on her lips that is disproportionate to the rest of her face. The rumor mill has it that she first received lip implants, but had them removed and is currently relying on Restylane or Collagen injections.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Rhinoplasty Rumors

It is said that Meg Ryan’s underwent a rhinoplasty to refine her nose bridge and narrow the size. The procedure did not yield the desired results. The nose job rumors are not yet confirmed. They are just a matter of speculation since there is no photo evidence to back them up.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery disaster has made her look worse than before she underwent the procedures. She used to be amazingly beautiful in her younger years. The procedures have eroded her natural beauty that used to attract legions and hordes of fans. Meg Ryan plastic surgery shows that it is important to conduct background research before undergoing plastic surgery. It is also advisable to seek the services of a prominent and reputable plastic surgeon. The other alternative is to refrain from plastic surgery and age gracefully to avoid ruining one’s natural beauty. Meg Ryan’s situation is unfortunate because it cannot be reversed. Hopefully, her career as a director is taking off and she does not have to rely on her looks for fame or money.