Matthew Mcconaughey Hair

matthew mcconaughey hair

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair – Before and After Pictures

Matthew McConaughey is one of those guys who turn heads wherever they go. Even at the age of forty four the man still makes jaws drop. His body is impossibly fit and his skin quite lovely. Is it that he was blessed with some very rare genes or has he had some operation performed to keep him looking young and healthy? When you see him off-set he is probably at the beach surfing or he is playing with his pet dog. At least it is known he keeps fit when he is not working. However, what does he do to reverse hair loss?

matthew mcconaughey hair

Hair transplant rumours

Take a look of McConaughey’s photographs when he was just starting out and then take a look at him now. He has seriously done something to his hair. It is growing where it was not growing before. Rumours of Matthew McConaughey hair transplant procedures have been making their rounds for a really long time. Some few years ago it was difficult to determine their validity but now it is quite evident that he has had the transplants done.

Hair transplants are not new into the world of beauty nowadays. They help in combating hair loss and receding hairlines in ways that people cannot begin to imagine. If you have a receding hairline you can always trust the transplants to help you solve the problem for you. The funniest thing about the transplants is that they can be done on just about any part of the body that has hair.
What happens in a hair transplant procedure is that hair is grafted onto the part that has experienced thinning and loss of hair. This is a really simple procedure and can be done in a day. There are no needles and scalpels use and most definitely not admissions into the hospital to check your progress. In a really short while you will have hair growing even where it was not growing.

Hair donors

The Matthew McConaughey hair transplant has been done with such tremendous expertise it is even impossible to tell if it was ever performed. If he had not been a celebrity before, no one would know he had the procedure. So where do the hair for the transplant come from, are donors needed?

For a hair transplant procedure to be successful there must be hair donated but there are no donors needed. Hair is simply transplanted from one part of your head to another. Usually the donor parts are the back or the side of the head. These parts are resistant to balding and hair loss. It would be very difficult to lose your hair in these parts.

Therefore when the hair is removed from these parts it undergoes come selection procedure to get the best and then it is transplanted into parts that have been affected. This procedure is 100% effective and it can work on everyone men and women alike and that is exactly what Matthew McConaughey did to his hair.

Botox rumors

McConaughey’s skin has been subject of discussion along the hair. The man has really fine skin- quite tight for a person of his age. This is thanks to Botox. He seems to have fewer wrinkles on his forehead than he did a few years ago. Anyway he does look fabulous plus women are still drooling over him regardless of the fact that he is a married man. Even if he uses Botox, he really knows how to use it properly. He understands the rule of- a little goes a very long way. This is probably why his skin does not look tired and is not ageing too fast. Abuse Botox and you can be sure that your skin will age faster than you expect it to.