Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She was born as Park shin Hye on the 18th of February 1990 in Gwangju but was raised in Songpa District located in Seoul. She is a dancer, singer and actress famous for portraying different roles in a number of movies and films. Her role in Heart Strings and You Are Beautiful are among the most famous roles. She was first introduced into the world of fame when she released her music debut in “flower”: Lee Seung’s music video. She is currently undertaking Theatre and Film at Chury- Ang University. She is receiving formal training in acting, dancing and singing. The twenty five year old is not only famous for her talents but also for her beauty.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The controversial Park Shin Hye plastic surgery rumors are based on the fact that the celebrity has exhibited a few changes since she first appeared in the industry. It is rumored that she may have gone under the knife for the usual procedures most Korean celebrities go for. However, some of her fans have dismissed the accusations claiming that the actress is simply a victim of malicious gossip. Park has stated on several interviews that she is a natural beauty who has never gone under the knife and that she takes care of herself through healthy eating. As a celebrity, it is natural that she uses makeup to enhance her look and those against her surgery speculations claim that the changes are as a result of makeup. Considering that the changes on her face are quite subtle, the probability that she has gone under the knife is relatively low.

Eyelid Surgery and Nose Job

It is rumored that the actress had a double eyelid surgery to open her eyes up. In her before pictures, she has the typical Koran look: relatively small eyes. This has been disputed by some of her fans who claim an unfair comparison since she is smiling in some of her before pictures and the eyes obviously look narrow.

Allegedly, Park’s chiseled out nose is also as a result of a nose reduction procedure. The actress has stated in a number of interviews that she did not always like her wide nose since she was a child. Although this may seem as enough motive to undergo a reduction procedure, she has stated that she hasn’t. The visible change could be due to a proper makeup application technique. However, with her being a celebrity, cosmetic surgery speculations will always be looming.

Surgery Results

The actress definitely looks better than she did when she was first introduced in the industry. However, this can be attributed to the normal changes a woman undergoes in her formative years. If the surgery speculations are true, she was careful enough to indulge subtly in them. She has managed to preserve her natural beauty and at the same time achieve an elegant look which will see her fame rise further. She is among the speculated plastic surgery success stories among celebrities.