Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before and after Pictures

She was born as Kim Hyuna on the 6th of June 1992 in Seuol South Korea. She is a South Korean dancer, model, recording artist and songwriter. She rose to fame when she was member and leader of the singing girl group Wonder Girls. After she left the group for health associated reasons, she joined the 4 minutes group where she is the main rapper. She is also a member of the Trouble Maker singing duo. At only 23, she is among the famous South Korean celebrities. She enrolled at the Korea High School of Music and Arts and Choongam middle school. Currently, she is a special admission student at the University of KonKuk taking up an Art and Culture course.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

It is always disappointing when young celebrities are associated with cosmetic surgery. With the insatiable need for having a flawless body and appearance, it is no surprise that young and beautiful women no longer feel good in their natural selves. Rumor that the Korean based celebrity has gone under the knife more than once has not been taken well by most of her fans. Looking at her current photos, she is definitely a lot different than before. There is the possibility that these changes may be associated with normal growth changes and weight loss. She was introduced in the industry when she was a young girl and being in her formative years, transformation is not unnatural. However, not all critics agree with this. It is argued that she has reconstructed her appearance with the help of various procedures.

Eyelid surgery, Nose Job and Chin Implants

It is argued that the actress had her eyes widened through an eyelid surgery. This is a procedure commonly associated with Asian celebrities wince they are naturally born with narrow eyes wide eyes are much sexier and for a celebrity, the need to convey emotion through the eyes may have pushed young Hyuna into procuring an eyelid surgery.

There is also a noticeable change in the shape and size of her nose. She currently has the narrow ridged nose with a pinched tip. Although she has denied having had her nose done, it is not easy to accept that this is a natural change. Some of her fans have defended her on the claim that it is pure makeup.

Her chin has also transformed from U to V shaped. This change is usually enabled by a chin implant procedure. Most Asians have round faces and since it is believed that oval faces are the ideal, many of them have gone for it. Celebrities desire the dainty appearance and it does not come as a surprise that the actress may have felt the need to restructure her face.

Surgery Results

The Korean based singer is a natural beauty and the speculated changes have made her prettier. She has vehemently denied the claims and even gone ahead to describe her whole group as anti plastic surgery and natural beauties. her longish face , wide eyes and narrow nose have given her the elegant appearance most women long for. Since she is still in her formative years, she does not need any more procedures.