Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Pics

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Pics

The Plastic Surgery of Shannon Tweed

It is almost an old believe that the Canadian actress and model Shannon Tweed is addicted to plastic surgery. Without shame, she admits in public that she has had a series of cosmetic surgery procedures. She has admitted facelift procedures twice, among other cosmetic procedures as outlined below:

Shannon Tweed  face lift

It was a popular story in the media, that she underwent a double face lift at once, a process that lasted for 11 hours and saw her parting with thousands of dollars. The images from that surgery leaked to the internet, showing how painful the surgery was, and the unsightly shape of her face from which she has recovered now. However, today her face looks toned and tight, with an elevated forehead, lifted eyes and wrinkle-free appearance, all a result of double face lift. The celebrity says that it has the husband who influenced her into the surgery, and because she did not want to appear older than him, she had to give in.

It is, however, clear that Shannon Tweed was not pleased with her appearance after the plastic surgery, and it is rumoured that she underwent a series of other surgery procedures to fix her face. It is an open show of inadequacy in decision making when such a big public figure is influenced into theatre room, only to start regretting it later.


The husband, Simmons, who also underwent surgery at the same time seemed satisfied with the procedure. He had the saggy skin that he wanted fixed, and the surgery gave him just that. Critiques say that Shannon Tweed was more beautiful and youthful before the surgery, compared to the fake and plastic appearance that she has now.


It could have been better if she had avoided the procedure, perhaps her skin could not be unnaturally tight as it is today. Unlike other celebrities, however, She did not go for nose jobs, breast implants and Botox fillers. Hers is a case of a failed cosmetic procedure, a testimony that models and actresses should learn from, and perhaps change their plans of seeking plastic procedures intended to delay the effects of ageing.