Lindsay Price Plastic Surgeries Before and After Pics

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgeries – Just a Rumour?

Despite a lot of information going round that Lindsay Price has undergone cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance, the actress has neither accepted or denied the claims. Nonetheless, silence means yes. With the momentous differences seen on her appearance before and after the procedure, it is no longer a rumour but rather a reality that she is yet to admit.


The actress has gone under the knife in a nose job to enhance her nasal shape. It was not a real nose reconstruction procedure but even the light surgery has produced essential results. She had a wide nasal board before the surgery, which left a good appearance on her face but she was obviously dissatisfied to the point of seeking a nose job. Her new look is now defined by a small and pointed nasal board and which is not too high on the bridge.

lindsay price plastic surgery

Jaw implants

Lindsay Price has a naturally beautiful face which is combination of Caucasian and Asian genes from her parents but she still has the insecure feeling behind the natural facial look. Before taking the option of jaw implants, the celebrity had an oval and rounded face which seemed good on her, although some hairstyles could not work with this shape. The surgical procedure then gave her a seemingly sculptured and more structured appearance, possibly the exact one that she needed. Her jawline now appears sharper, and it has successfully framed her face, giving her a lot of self-assurance.


This is a surgery for the eyes, which centered around the small eyes that the celebrity had, giving her bigger ones with an enhanced eyelid. Though it worked well for her, plastic surgery experts argue that it was not so necessary a procedure. She did it possibly to look more Westernised but it was not worthy the time and resources.

There are very few Indian celebrities who seek to change their appearance, and most of them are not after combating the aging signs but rather looking Westernised. Lindsay Price joins this group, a virtue that critiques are against because she was naturally beautiful. Seeking Westernisation through a cosmetic surgery, therefore, could be an indication of a fragile self esteem.