Ally Walker Plastic Surgery

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Allene Damian, also called ”Ally” Walker is an American actress and is widely known for her performance in short lived dramas like ‘Moon Over Miami’ and ‘True Blue’. She also bagged roles in some movies like ‘Happy Texas’, ‘Singles’, ‘Universal Soldier’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and ‘When the Bough Breaks’. Being beautiful and famous is the eternal mantra in Hollywood and it is ardently followed by many celebrities. For this very reason, celebrities undergo body and face surgery. There are many speculations that Ally Walker has herself undergone some such surgeries.

Before and After Photos

People prefer hiding the truth behind these surgeries despite being aware that the truth will come before the audience in some way or the other. Bodily and facial features are not obscure to public. So any change in them is very much likely to be noticed by us. In Ally’s case, her face and body should show the signs of ageing as she is in her mid fifties. But we actually don’t see it.

Nose Job

Many of her photos reveal that Ally Walker has got a nose job done. Her look in ‘Universal Soldier’ was breathtaking and we assume that she would do anything to keep that look same through all these years. Nose job can transform the appearance of a person if it is successful. But in case of Ally, I think the procedure was a huge disaster as her appearance looks uneven and unsymmetrical. It seems that her nose has more creases after her ill fated nose job. Her experiment went all awry.

Botox Injections for Skin

Ally Walker is 54 years old at present. Can anybody’s skin remain smooth and wrinkle – free at this age? If the prettiest looking woman on this Earth can’t reverse her signs of ageing naturally, how can anyone else? Because of this very reason, we speculate that Ally Walker has been using botox injections to make her skin look younger and smoother. Botox injections tend to make skin look tight. But that is not the case with Ally’s skin. Her skin looks naturally smooth and radiant. In case she has used Botox injections, its a huge success.


Facelift works more like Botox injections. It will also give you smooth and wrinkle free skin like its alternative, Botox. It will also have the same tightening effect as Botox. We can say that Ally Walker either opted for facelift or for Botox injections. Whatever may be the choice of the product, it has done good to her skin. Not only has her skin rejuvenated but also she looks more young and radiant.

Final Opinion About Ally Walker’s Surgeries

Like many other people in her age, we can assume that Ally Walker has tried some procedures to look younger. But her experience with cosmetic enhancements is a proof that a person can never be too sure when it comes to undergoing invasive processes. The subsequent and permanent results of her nose surgery are not very encouraging. She was ageing quite well earlier and had no significant flaws until she decided to make the some nose changes.