Amanda Bynes Before and After

amanda bynes before and after

Amanda Bynes Before and After Pictures

Amanda Bynes came to the limelight as a child star at the age of seven when she appeared in several advertisements and plays such as The Sound of Music, The Music Man, The Secret Garden, and Annie. She has been active on the screen throughout her childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, Her fame skyrocketed when she starred in The Amanda Show and the Nickelodeon series known as “All That”. She also achieved mainstream mega success on films such as Easy A, Hair Spray, She’s the Man, and What a Girl Wants. She is incredibly beautiful and sexy. She is an irresistible eye candy. Some say her looks are not natural. Having been born on 3rd April 1986, Amanda is only twenty-eight years. What could have driven such an incredibly beautiful, sexy, talented and young starlet into plastic surgery?

amanda bynes before and after

Amanda Bynes Before and After Plastic Surgery Admission

Amanda Bynes has publicly admitted that she has undergone plastic surgery. She posted the admission on her popular Twitter timeline. She wrote that she has had several nose jobs to fix a defect between her eyes. She also revealed that she is a passionate fan of plastic surgery and that she enjoys going under the surgeon’s scalpel. She said that she intends to undergo more plastic surgery procedures to change her entire appearance. “I intend to have surgery on my entire face,’ she bragged.

Amanda Bynes Before and After Plastic Surgery Reasons

It is speculated that Amanda Bynes underwent plastic surgery because she has low self-esteem issues. The speculations stem from a series of bizarre and erratic behaviors which shocked everyone in 2013. She posted ridiculous photos, over shared on Twitter, and got arrested for driving under influence, marijuana possession, hit and run incidents, and reckless endangerment among other criminal offenses. She might have been struggling with mental health issues since she was subjected to a psychiatric evaluation.

Amanda Bynes Before and After Plastic Surgery Rumors

Amanda Bynes only admitted to having undergone a nose job. Her admission triggered a media buzz that she might have undergone other procedures. Speculation is rife that she might also have had a boob job. Her before and after pictures reveal drastic changes in her nose, and also hint at minor changes in her boobs.

Amanda Bynes Before and After Nose Job

Amanda Bynes claims that she was compelled to undergo a nose job since the skin webbing between her eyes was a birth defect which needed to be corrected. She claimed that she was a hero because the birth defect had made her suffer for 27 years. She underwent two surgical procedures, and was planning on a third. She said that the surgeries were short amazing procedures done when she was awake under general anesthesia. She said that the surgery did wonders for her confidence because she used to feel embarrassed before she had the nose job. She ranted against the media for continuing to use her old photos in which she did not look as stunning as she does now. Fans and celebrity watchers wondered what was wrong with her since her old nose was perfect and nobody had noticed any problem. In spite of her ridiculous claims, her nose job turned out perfectly. There is no evidence that she has had a nose job. Someone who has not seen her “before” pictures might think that her nose is natural.

Amanda Bynes Before and After Boob Job

Amanda Bynes before and after pictures do not reveal a distinctive boob job. However, tongues have been wagging that she might have had a boob job even though she has never admitted. During her breakdown, she posted several photos, some of them topless, in which her boobs appeared larger and heavier. In the topless photos, her cup size appeared to be bigger. There is no conclusive proof that she has had breast augmentation as the enlarged size might be due to the help of a push-up bra. However, the level of suspicion is extremely high.

Amanda Bynes is still incredibly stunning and beautiful. So far her plastic surgery procedures have turned out successfully. However, she needs to be cautious to avoid ruining her natural beauty through excessive plastic surgery. She also needs constant psychiatric evaluation to prevent a relapse into her erratic and bizarre behavior. Currently, she has taken a break from acting to concentrate on her fashion design career.