Amanda Seyfried Bra Size

Amanda Seyfried Bra Size

Amanda Seyfried Bra Size

Lovely Amanda Seyfried is a blonde starlet famous for her career-bending roles in Academy-Award nominated Les Miserables, the bleak fairytale Red Riding Hood, and the chilling thriller Chloe. She has also portrayed Linda Lovelace, she loves to sing and she is a former model. At only age 28 she has made nearly 40 movies, and the reviews are in! The Hollywood Reporter writes, “She gives a strong, credible performance that catches Linda’s insecurities and exacts sympathy,” while other critics say, “Seyfried works hard for your empathy…….” and “Seyfried’s performance is worth the price of admission.” Next up for Seyfried is a biopic called Flying Horse, also starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman.

But lately, the actress du jour and former chanteuse has come under media scrutiny for possibly……..losing her breast size? Amanda claims that she was forced by the Hollywood machine to slim down for multiple roles, and insodoing, she lost nearly a whole bra size. It is now rumored that she weighs a mere 108 pounds and that she wears a 34B…….which was formally a 34C.

Of this loss, she has been quoted as saying, “I looked way better when I was 15,” “I had huge breasts, and then I came to Hollywood and I was like ‘I got to lose weight. I got to look thin and fit,’ and I lost them a little bit……I was feminine. I had some nice curves and I think that we should really appreciate that as opposed to trying to get rid of everything.”

Most of the time, as many of you know, it is the opposite story! Young starlets and singers such as Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Christina Aguilera appear one day on the fancy red carpet and va-voom! They have cleavage to spare. Many of these young stars, such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan cause a good deal of scandal and controversy when they appear with heftier chests. Britney Spears spoke out in favor of abstinence and Lindsey Lohan was a former Disney star, both had followings of young girls in their teens. As such, many parents and media outlets called the girls out for their decisions to not only have the breast augmentations done, but to also pose provocatively showing them off.

Well, as is immediately apparent, Amanda Seyfried will not have to worry about causing any controversy these days. Indeed, the starlet has already been proven to have a drastic great reduction due to her slimmed down figure, as many sights have posted before and after pics. This is, happily, not affecting her career at all, though. In addition to the biopic called Flying Horse, she is also slated to appear in 5 other films; Ted 2, The Social Life, Pan, While We’re Young and Fathers and Daughters, and starring with such huge stars as Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts and High Jackman. So, breathe deeply Amanda Seyfried fans. Ms. Seyfried is not going anywhere anytime soon. Indeed her career is in a great place, and her breasts are simply just not an issue.