Angelina Jolie Lips

angelina jolie lips

Angelina Jolie Lips Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Born to one of Hollywood’s best looking couple, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, Angelina Jolie is amongst those few celebrities who had always been destined rule Hollywood. As a matter of fact, you can even consider calling Angelina one of the original star child’s, whose fate and stunning good looks made waves around the world, ever since she was born. And when people realize that there is more than what meets the eye behind those voluptuous Angelina Jolie Lips, there’s literally nothing in this world that can stop the masses from going insane. But you would be rather surprised to find out the true nature of surgery Angelina has had to keep those lips perky as ever. Which is why, to help bury the speculations and curiosity of the masses to rest, here’s the latest news behind Angelina Jolie Lips.

angelina jolie lips

The Surgery That Changed The World

Ever since Angelina started making a name for herself in Tinsel town, she took on the knife head on as a lover would. And much like her good looks, her love for the knife was something which she had inherited from her parents. Although Angelina is not as candid about her experiences under the knife as she used to be about her sex life in the past, comparing her before and after pictures gives the clear indications of what she had nipped and when.

To help understand the difference and the list of surgeries a little better just in-case missed out the comparison, Angelina till date has had:

Rhinoplasty – the painful kind, where a piece of cartilage is cut out from the nose of ear and stuck to the tip of the nose to make it sharper.

Botox Injections – To crease out those unwanted wrinkles and to help you keep looking like a wicked 20 year old even in your 40’s.

Face Lift – Again to help her keep youthful looks intact.

Neck Ironing – To crease out those tough wrinkles from the neck, which just never seem to go away.

But these are not the surgeries that we are truly concerned with, because what shocked us the most was the sudden reduction in the size of her lips. Yes, before you go into a state of shock and jump off infront of a car, Angelina did have her lips reduced and it shocked us equally enough to write about it on our website.

Lip Size Zero

Apart from the powerful screen presence, overwhelming sexual appeal and a look that could melt even the bravest of braves, the Angelina Jolie lips was something which revolutionized the way the world perceived beauty, Because for the first time, women were not only interested to get a surgery done to hold on to their looks, rather they wanted lips just like Angelina’s. And for those who couldn’t afford to go under the knife as freely as their celebrity idol, Angelina started off the infamous “Duck Face” movement, which became an evident part of our lives. And when people heard that Angelina had actually gone out and chopped off an inch or two from those angels like lips, it was something that almost no one wanted to believe and was blown off by the masses, believing it to be nothing more than a hoax news. But if we have had any experience with celebrity plastic surgery and if our team of experts have been honest about their background in forensic celebrity science, then we would hate to declare that Angelina has infact gone under the knife and has had a lip reduction.

Maybe the sudden Angelina Jolie lip reduction was a publicity stunt, or maybe Angelina thought that it was finally time to give up on the most powerful weapon that has ever been bestowed upon mankind. But the fact remains that there is nothing in this world that can make up for the loss of those heavenly lips and it is something that we have to live on with, no matter how much we hate it.