Arnold Schwarzenegger Before and After

arnold schwarzenegger before and after

Arnold Schwarzenegger Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Over the past few months, we have reported about almost every celebrity whom we can think of undergoing the knife. But it’s time that we finally break out from out training wheels and start talking about the big names in the show business. And who better to start off our elaborate list of “High List Celebrities” than with The Zenegger or Zenegger, the muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after.

arnold schwarzenegger before and after

Transformation 1

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those high profile Hollywood celebrities who has undergone many changes in his life. Like the time when he was a little Austrian village boy, who was around five feet eight inches tall, weighed only 100 lbs and looked a lot like a girl, when one day he suddenly thought enough is enough and started pumping iron. Even though he started out lifting only cow bells in his farm, he was quickly redirected to the nearby gym by a local muscle boy and that’s how we came across the first Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after. But it took some time to reach to the point where we could gossip about him.

Transformation 2

The Second Arnold Schwarzenegger transformation came rather quick in 1965 where he participated in the Mr. Olympia contest and kept doing so until he won. Despite having an IQ of 135, when it came to winning the Mr. Olympia contest, Arnold was a bit slow. Because, it took him 5 years of persistent efforts to finally win the competition where everyone looks alike and the rest is history.

Transformation 3

If you’re as tired as us and want to start gossiping about Mr. Governor’s plastic surgical transformation, then now would be a good time to do so because we finally finished the obligatory background talk about Mr. Schwarzenegger or risk being sued.

After dominating a career spanning almost like forever, the first changes in Arnie can be noticed in the Movie True Lies, where it is almost evident that he has had some surgical procedures on his face to give me a tighter look. Now don’t get us wrong, working out does make people look years younger. But come on, no one looks 10 years younger by simply lifting dumbbells over your head. That’s practically impossible.

The Final Mutation

Arnie’s final mutation came after he became the Governor of California and suffered a major heart attack post his 50. It was then when Arnie started to realize that Iron and Steroids alone won’t do their age reducing magic like they used to, and he would have to turn to some drastic alternative or risk having his heart explode all over his face. It was during this time when Arnold underwent the knife apart from taking Botox fillers to his face and had the following speculated surgeries:

  • Face Lift
  • Neck Lift
  • Botox Injections
  • Hair Transplant
  • Liposuction
  • Cheek Implants
  • Chin Implants
  • Jaw Reconstruction

And that’s how Arnold Schwarzenegger became the real life counterpart of his Total Recall alien friends and gave us the courage to speak about him. Even though Arnie has not been too open about his surgical procedures, you can easy check out his movies from the last 13 years or compare all Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after pictures and you would know what we are talking about.