Aubrey O’day Plastic Surgery Before and After

Aubrey O'day Plastic Surgery Before and After

Aubrey O’day Plastic Surgery and New Look

Aubrey O'day Plastic Surgery Before and AfterAubrey O'day Plastic Surgery Before and AfterAubrey O’day is one is one celebrities who has completely revolutionized the whole art of plastic surgery. The actress has emphasized the plastic nature of plastic surgery to the point that she is accused of trading her natural body for a fake one. News of her obvious surgery hit the media with a thud. Everybody was all over the internet trying to get a glimpse of the transformed diva. However, just like many other celebrities, she denies the obvious.

Aubrey O'day Plastic Surgery Before and AfterAubrey O'day Plastic Surgery Before and AfterAubrey O'day Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Surgeries behind Her New Look

They are countless, and this is no exaggeration. If surgery is meant to correct imperfections, then nearly everything in Aubrey was wrong. Aubrey O’day’s plastic surgery ranged from injections to breast augmentation. Starting with her face, the twenty eight year old had injections that transformed the shape of her lips and cheeks. She was injected with fillers on the said areas. Her full cheeks have wiped away the wrinkles that are characteristic of women of her age. One look at her lips cannot help you notice their fullness.

A closer look at her face further reveals traces of rhinoplasty. As opposed to the previous shape of her nose, the sassy 28 year old actress’ face is a sight to behold with her long narrow nose standing out against the rest of her facial features. The narrow nose gives her an elegant look.

To top it up, the actress finally had a breast augmentation. If you have seen Aubrey’s previous photos, you will notice that her boobs were much smaller before her surgery. However, the breast augmentation gave her a new set of D cups to brag about. It is amazing how much she denies having had any surgeries when the irregular silicon transplants have placed one of her breasts higher than the other.

Did Her Surgery Go Well?

The results of her surgeries have raised conflicting reactions from the media and her fans as well. Some accuse her of trading her natural looks for fake ones while some absolutely love her new looks. Generally, she looks amazing but she is far from natural. Unlike other celebrities who enjoy a natural looking plastic surgery, Aubrey definitely looks unnatural but in a great way.