Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Barbara Hershey now 64 years old is a sexy Hollywood actress who has enjoyed a successful acting career. Born on the fifth of February 1948 in California to Arnold Norman and Melrose Herzstein, the sassy actress looks much younger than her actual age. Growing up, Hershey has always been shy and quite to the point of being called deaf. However, this did not deter her form chasing her acting dream. Her passion for acting started way back in school with her backyard theatrics that earned her the name Sarah Bernhardt. Later into her career, Barbara Hershey earned herself a number of awards that helped bring her into the limelight. Widely known for her Emmy and Globe award winning role in the miniseries Small Town in Miami, the actress has joined the list of female Hollywood celebrities speculated to have faced the surgeon’s knife. Like most female celebrities, it is speculated that she has a filler injections and a facelift.

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Hershey’s Filler Injection

After her role in the Beaches, speculations of Barbara Hershey plastic surgery hit celebrity gossip columns with a thud. Her obviously collagen filled lips trended on the social media eliciting different reactions from her fans. Ranging from admiration to criticisms, Hershey’s new set of lips was the center of attraction in this movie. It was further speculated that her lush was too augmentated. Unlike most celebrities who rarely admit to having faced the surgeon’s knife, Hershey publicly admitted to having had her lips and lush augmentated. According to her, this was done as a requirement of her role in this movie rather than as a measure to make her prettier. This seems to comply with what is seen of her lips after the casting of the Beaches, her lips are now what is considered normal.


After the beaches saga, it was speculated that she has had a facelift. It is not clear on the number of facelift the beautiful actress has had but she definitely looks younger her age. While in a relationship with Naveen Andrews, they looked almost the same age despite the twenty one year difference. This fact was attributed to Hershey’s facelift. When the relationship came to an end in May 2010, new facelift speculations followed the star again. These speculations were given additional weight with a Dr. from Manhattan who claimed that the star’s young looks are not natural. There is no doubt that Hershey does not look her age. Her smooth wrinkle free face has lifted 20 years off her original age. Despite this, there have been mixed reactions about the surgery results. While some feel that she looks younger her age, others feel that the star may have over engaged in the facelift.

Surgery Results

Barbara Hershey plastic surgery results elicited mixed reactions from her fans. The temporal lip and lush augmentation was criticized for being overly done. However, with the massive feedback from her fans, there is no doubt that the lips served the purpose of the movie. Before her break up with Naveen, the results of the speculated facelift were amazing. Hershey looked naturally younger. However, after repetitive facelifts, the actress gradually started losing the natural in her appearance. The facelift got rid of the skin sags and wrinkles characteristic of women her age but also the star’s natural appearance. Unluckily for her, the backfired results of the facelift are clearly visible in the movie Black Swan. Most of her fans have accused her of having a plastic appearance. Seemingly, Hershey forgot the too little rule of plastic surgery and she ended up looking too plastic. Hershey has always been a beautiful woman and she should not ruin all her beauty out of the fear of old age.