Botched Plastic Surgery


Botched Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Botched jobs are not a new ting in the world of plastic surgery. a botched job is when the results of a plastic surgery procedure is not what was anticipated by the celebrity. The basic reason why celebrities go for plastic surgeries is to have their looks accentuated; a botched job distorts their looks instead. Upon the invention of plastic surgery, most of the jobs were botched since the technology was not as sophisticated as it is now. Additionally, most of the doctors were short of experience and their works did not bare perfect results. Botched plastic surgery is the nightmare of every celebrity and those who are lucky enough have corrective surgeries. However, not all botched jobs have the provision of a corrective surgery and the celebrity is forced to spend the rest of his or her life walking around with a distorted feature. While you may think that plastic surgery is expensive, a botched job is more expensive since it comes with the additional cost of plastic surgery. It also denies a celebrity money making opportunities crippling their efforts at financial empowerment.

How to Tell a Botched Job from a Successful Surgery 

The most basic way of identifying a botched job is when the enhanced feature looks unnatural at a glance and the celebrity looks worse than before. Botched jobs do not necessarily arise out of a poorly enhanced feature. Sometimes, the shape and size of the feature in relation to the rest of the body can result in a botched job. Despite the concept plastic surgery, the procedures need to be done in a manner that screams plastic surgery. This calls for balance in relation to the rest of the facial features. For example extremely large lips that fail to balance with the rest of the facial features will be classified as a botched job even if the lip augmentation procedure was properly done.

What Leads to a Botched Plastic Surgery? 

Botched plastic surgery result from three main causes namely surgeon’s inexperience, wrong choice of surgeries and over indulgence. Plastic surgery is an art of beauty that requires the hands of a professional. Many celebrities have suffered in the hands of quacks claiming to be qualified plastic surgeons. An inexperienced surgeon will without any doubt deliver low quality results. Wrong choice of surgeries may also results in a botched job. Choosing the wrong size and shape of a given feature may result in a botched job since the end result will distort the genera appearance. Over indulgence also leads to the loss of natural beauty and natural appearance at all. Some celebrities go over the roof in an attempt to accentuate their looks only for their images to suffer immensely. Over indulgence also leads to over stuffing and this is also considered a botched job. Contrary to the false assumption that a botched job is always the surgeon’s fault, celebrities sometimes have a hand in their low quality surgery results.

What Are The Effects of a Botched Job? 

A botched job distorts a person’s image. This means that the sense of self esteem is impacted in a negative manner. Aside from the looking in the mirror and feeling like one ugly whale, the negative remarks which accompany botched job are another self esteem crasher. Your career may also suffer from a botched job. This effect is mostly realized by those in showbiz since they will no longer have anything to show. Their value shoots down and if they are lucky to get a job, they are paid much less than what they were worth before. A botched plastic surgery is something to be afraid of. The only way to avoid it is seeking the services of an accredited surgeon, have an objective choice of surgery or stick to the too little rule of plastic surgery.