Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

Bradley cooper before and After Photos

He was born as Bradley Charles Cooper on the 5th of January 1975 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is an American producer and actor with 4 academic and 1 tony awards to his name. He is the son to Gloria and Charles Cooper. His mother worked for a local NBC affiliate while his father worked for the Merrill Lynch as a stock broker. He has one older sister named Holly. He is of an Irish ancestry from his father’s side an Italian from his mother’s side. He was raised under the catholic religion. He was brought to prominence after earning a role in the television show Alias. From then on, he has been featured in more television and film movies and series. In 2011, he was named as the sexiest man alive by the people’s magazine.

Cosmetic Surgery Speculations

A celebrity as handsome as cooper is bound to raise eyebrows on the nature of his ever refreshed appearance. Since is young days in the industry, he has always been named as a handsome man. However, his rejuvenate facial skin has earned him more attention than his looks have. It is speculate that he has done something drastic to hold onto his handsome youthful appearance. Dr. David Shafer argues that the speculations are not easy to prove since the actor’s face lacks a clear sign having undergone surgery. He however states the possibility of him having undergone anti-aging procedures. Dr. Michael Salzhauer agrees with the above argument on the claim that the actor has a flawless youthful skin at the age of 40.

Botox, Chemical Peel and Nose Job

Bradley has a smooth enviable face prompting critics to link it to Botox and chemical peels. Judging from the nature of his skin, he is very careful with these procedures since they are not readily visible. At the age of 40, it is expected that a few wrinkles are already showing but not for Bradley, he has been spotted with a baby face. The actor admitted to having has facial procedures when he was young but nit for the obvious reason but for medical reasons. Apparently, he ran into a glass lamp when he was young and sustained deep cuts in his face. He claims that the accident was so horrible he could not move his face for six months. Aside from this, he has not spoken about any of the speculate procedures.

The nose job allegations surrounding the celebrity are the controversial of his surgery speculations. There are those who believe that his nose is a bit different due to a rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Michael Salzhauer agrees with this opinion.

 Surgery Results

The star actor looks amazing no wonder the fuss about his appearance. He is so careful with his procedures that he looks natural in them. He has definitely thrown everyone into confusion on the real reason behind his youthful looks. This is the best way to go for the actor as it is the only way to ensure that his career remains at the top.