Christa Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

christa miller plastic surgery

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery and New Look

No matter how hard she fights to deny the facts, it is obvious that the images of Christa Miller show a significant difference in appearance before and after the speculated plastic surgery. To some people, she looks awesome after the surgery but there is a section of those who argue that she looked better before the surgery. She must have sought the surgeon’s artistry either to transform her appearance, or to remain youthful and ageless, especially now that she is 48 years and people still have a lot of expectations from her acting role.

christa miller plastic surgery


Christa Miller must have done this either to hide the signs of getting old from her eye region or to make them bigger. Before this surgery, she thrived behind cramped eyes and a baggy condition that was probably a symbol of her advanced age. Feeling insecure about this, she sought a surgeon’s work which left her with bigger eyes, and a complete elimination of the saggy skin below them.

Cheek implants

Her facial shape suddenly transformed to a more wider appearance, with a pronounced cheek line. She naturally had a rounded face, but it is this surgery that saw her wider and a smooth jawline which creates a more oval face, perhaps the shape that she wanted.

Botox fillers

This is the only procedure that makes her overall plastic surgery to appear as if it failed totally. She must have overused the Botox fillers because her current appearance seems frozen and stiff. It is true that with a lifted face, her face looks a little smoother than before but it is this overdoing that waters the whole project. What fans now see is an expressionless and immobile face, which cannot do her the good that she expected from the world of acting. With a cute and quirky natural face, it is common knowledge that Botox has done her more harm than good. If celebrities could learn from the mistakes of others, then Christa Miller could be one of the reference points but they seem so adamant. It therefore means that the less fortunate just like her will live knowing that going plastic is the worst mistake they ever made, yet it is something that cannot be reversed.