Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery

 A lot of Changes Since She Was a Teen

Despite her popularity as an American actress, Christina Hendricks’ fame is also defined by the multiple plastic surgeries that she has undergone. At some point she was nominated as the most beautiful looking American woman, besides the magazine ‘Esquire’ labelling her as the sexiest woman. But did they realize that she is a plastic woman?


Most people have a feeling that her appearance is plastic and consequently fake. In spite of this however, jealous continues to choke other actresses because of her extraordinary body figure. When asked whether she has ever undergone a plastic surgery, she keeps numb and her silence, therefore, means a reply in the affirmative.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery

Christiana Hendricks is said to have undergone breast implantation as well as nose jobs. Some time back the playboy magazine revealed photos featuring Christiana in her early twenties, and she had the smallest of boobs. Yet still, she insists that the curves on her appearance are not linked to artwork from a surgeon. Isn’t she denying the obvious?


The actress insists that she had a prolonged period of weight gain but it does not fully explain the radiant growth of her bests to the sexy status. Though they look natural from afar, there isn’t a single natural treatment that could have enlarged her boobs to that extent. This is the question that she fails to answer, and breast implants no longer remain a rumour but rather a part of her beauty.


Rhinoplasty is also in the line of speculation as one of the procedures that she must have undergone. This makes the first point clear. If she insists that her Brest size is as a result of weight gain, is it also that the shape and size of her nose changed because of the same reason? It would be a daylight lie to believe. She underwent nose reconstruction which not only made her nose to look refined, but totally distinct from what she had naturally. It is more pointed and narrower compared to what her viewers used to see. The nose tip appears more cramped and there is no natural growth that can explain all these changes, unless a re-birth, which is not possible.