Ciara Nose Job

Ciara Nose Job

Ciara Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Ciara Princess Harris was born on the 25th of October in the year of 1985. She is 28years of age but still looks gorgeous. She is a fashion model, dancer, singer, actress, producer and song writer. She is popularly known as Ciara.

Ciara Nose Job

Ciara nose job speculations

Speculations have it that Ciara Princess Harris has had a nose job surgery. It has been the talk of the celebrity viewers all across the world. Her music career has never been questioned but her physical features have raised questions. However there are no trustworthy reports to show her cosmetic surgery procedures. Ciara nose job is viewed to be done after her graduation from high school.

Ciara’s take on the nose job

The famous artist however has denied the claims of going through the said surgery. She has added that her body change is due to her constant work outs and exercise. This is surely 1005 untrustworthy. Pictures showing her image before and after tell it all. It is evident that she went through a nose job. As time passes by so is the age of somebody increase. The appearance also cannot stay at the same point unless interfered with. Being a public figure, it pressures one to ensure their fans are happy and content with her image.

Evidence of Ciara nose job

This issue came about when her nose structure and appearance changed. Her nose had a different shape before she had a nose job. Her nose appears to be thinner as compared to her earlier pictures. Her nostrils appear to be pinned back. Her nose tip appears to be pinched back. Her nose bridge appears to be reduced as well. This results show a possible rhinoplasty surgery. It is a surgery that is specifically done to the nose. This is because of her nose being wide and round.

Impact of Ciara nose job

Statistics have it that her nose job brought a positive impact on her career. Her career skyrocketed the minute she dot the nose job. It is all attributed to her new looks. Women have the urge to always want to appease the eyes of those who look at them. Even as Ciara denies the nose job, the fans and celebrity viewers are in love with her new elegant looks. Some of her fans propose the idea that she had a nose job. Others just say that she had a face lift. That this is the main reason as to why her face features changed. This is practically untrue. Her fans do not mind what she does provided she looks stunning while doing it. They are content and comfortable with her new looks.

It is evident that a lot of celebrities in the current era are having some form of surgery performed on them. Celebrities do this so as to ensure that their fame and fans increase rather than fall. This is through increasing their appearances. Ciara in this case saw that her nose job would be a game changer in her career. Guess what, it worked for her. Due to the activities she is into, her face had to look stunning in front of a camera. As an image that is always on the screen, she had to ensure that whichever angle of the camera she was taken, she appeared attractive. This drew her to getting the nose job. Her new nose shape blends appropriately with her face features.