Coco Austin Plastic Surgery

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Coco Austin did not see it coming. She walked into a morning radio show to promote her clothing line and thought that her host would not veer into the cosmetic therapy debate. She was wrong. The celebrity faced head-on with a nagging question that she had tried hard and long to evade. The little conversation did a lot to settle mounting speculations about the celebrity’s views and approaches to plastic surgery. Austin revealed that she had seen a boob therapist on a single occasion with the objective of enhancing her boobs to size 18. The details about Coco Austin plastic surgery focus more on the effect of breast augmentation to her celebrity ranking and general beauty. The celebrity revealed that she loved her present boob size as compared to the size she had as she transcended from adolescence into young womanhood. The celebrity appears to anchor her philosophy of beauty in the size of her boobs.

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery

Why Coco Austin does not Embrace Butt Plastic Surgery:

According to Austin, butt plastic surgery is highly inappropriate because of its high functional value. She believes that butts are used every day for sitting and therefore any enhancement in size and shape could yield cumbersome results or compromise on the utility value. Not everybody in the rumor-filled celebrity world wants to take Austin on her own word. Some people simply want her to admit that she has done something more to enhance her forehead, cheeks, lips, eyes, boobs, and butt. After all, Austin appeals to much of the celebrity world because of the generous size of her body parts. The voluptuous figure she shows around gives strong hints of some serious efforts to keep everything in good shape. Against these speculations, many of her fans insist that the glamorous lady is young and only needs some good diet and physical activity to stay in good shape.

Coco Austin’s Liberal Views on Plastic Surgery:

One striking quality about Austin is that she is never guarded in her opinions on what a celebrity should and should not do with her body. The highly active celebrity believes that everybody has the right to alter and enhance their bodies in the dimensions they choose. She does not owe any apology to anybody for whatever she decides to do with her lips, boobs, or cheeks. As such, it is not just clear the extent to which Austin might have sought other enhancements apart from the boob job. According to some close analysts, Austin has changed for the better over the past decade. There is reason to believe that she chose to economize the truth in her admission about the boob job. At the back of her mind, Austin seems to embrace the idea that talent requires a perfect body for ultimate success and stardom.

What the World Thinks About Austin’s Boobs:

In the estimation of many fans, Austin’s breast augmentation was successful to the extent that it helped her to ascend to higher levels stardom. Austin has a full body that impresses her millions of loyal fans in the United States and beyond. Rumors about Coco Austin plastic surgery have shifted from her boobs to her looks. Austin’s supporters want the rumors to end and the interest of fans to focus more on the merits of her art, style, fashion, and talent. Perhaps, it would be appropriate to give some credit where it is due. Austin’s plastic surgery went according to plan. She owes her enviable profile and strong fan base to the success of her plastic surgeon. The celebrity has not said much about her future intentions, but her free spirit might just guide her back to the operation room.