Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

courtny cox before and after surgery

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Rumors

Courtney Cox owes her fame to her spectacular roles in “Cougar Town” and “Friends”. She will turn 50 this year, but she is still overwhelmingly attractive and young. Rumors that she has had plastic surgery are rampant on both the internet and mainstream media. It is speculated that her youthful appearance and dazzling looks have been aided by plastic surgery.

Courtney Cox

Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

An examination of her before and after picture reveals indisputable evidence that she has had surgical treatments. In her past pictures, she had wrinkles on her lip area and around her eyes. In recent pictures, there is no single trace of wrinkles on her facial are. Her face appears more healthy and shiny; a feat that can only be accomplished by Botox injections. The perfect size and shape of her breasts adds fuel to the claims that she has had plastic surgery. Most women over forty have loose breast and facial skin. The fact that Courtney Cox has rosy lips, full breasts and a sexy figure is sufficient evidence that she has visited a cosmetic surgeon.

Courtney Cox Confession about Plastic Surgery

Unlike many celebrities who deny their use of plastic surgery, Courtney Cox has publicly acknowledged her use of Botox injections. She has disclosed that she uses the injections to achieve long lasting beauty. She claims that she has achieved her astounding beauty by moderating her use of Botox. She has admitted in the full glare of media cameras that she relies on facial fillers for full lips and cheeks. When talking about laser treatments to the media, she has confessed about her fear of aging. Her honest attitude and openness has been commended by some of her fans. Aging is inevitable and unstoppable. Sometimes it is prudent to undergo plastic surgery to reverse the effects of aging so as to sustain beauty.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Undergone By Courtney Cox

During her confession, Courtney Cox admitted that she is game for anything. She said that she believes laser treatments are the wave of the future. She underwent an Ulthera treatment so as to stimulate the production of collagen on her face. She also underwent Fraxel treatment to get rid of brown spots on her face, chest and arms.

Claims of Excessive Plastic Surgery

Beauty is supposed to be in the eyes of the beholder. The beauty of Hollywood divas is, however, in the eyes of the media and their fans. Courtney Cox’s confession that she uses plastic surgery moderately and sparingly has not been believed by everyone. There are claims that she has used excessive cosmetic surgery due to her artificial appearance. Pictures of her looking puffy and unnatural have surfaced online. It was noted that she looked bizarre and unattractive. Some fans have complained that she looks like a clown since her face is too tight and her forehead and lips are overdone. She can barely smile and it is difficult for her to make natural facial expressions due to puffy cheeks. Some of her “Friends” fans say that it was frightening and disturbing to watch her on “Cougar Town” because she has destroyed her face.

Reasons for Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

She’s said that she has had high expectations of beauty ever since she was a child. She has been quoted saying that beauty expectations in her family were higher than those in Hollywood. Even though her mother did not have plastic surgery, she relied on creams and vitamins to remain beautiful. Her father also cared a lot about his looks. The desire to remain beautiful runs in the family, and it is one of the primary reasons Courtney Cox decided to undergo plastic surgery.

A lot has been said about Courtney Cox plastic surgery. At the end of the day, what people say does not matter. What matters is how she feels about her new appearance.