David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 22nd of September 1951 in Salt-burn-by -Sea, Red car and Cleveland England. He is a handsome looking rock star blesses with a unique voice. He was brought to prominence by his work with the White snake Band. He was also once a leader of the Deep Purple Band, a role he quit and established his on solo career. His has always been passionate about music with his passion hitting the peak at age 14. It was at this age when he started performing professionally, a thing that saw him develop his voice. He claims that he began singing when he had not yet broken his voice. But all the same, he is a man who knows what he needs to do to drive his audience crazy. Lately, it has been observed that his looks are undergoing a dramatic change. As much as he is aging and the change is expected, his changes are nothing ordinary. He looks like a completely different person.

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

What Happened To His Face?

The kind of changes observed on his face are typical of someone who is dealing with the aftermath of a botched job. However, it is not clear whether or not the famous rock star has benefited from surgery. In fact, it is assumed that he may have tried Botox only once and gave up on the idea since her are some few wrinkles visible on his face. If this true, then he does not need any more surgeries. If you have seen his recent pictures, you will agree with the fact that he is nothing close to real age. He looks much younger and this is indicative of good genes. He must have realized this when it was too late when most of his natural looks had been distorted by cosmetic surgery.

Botox Claims 

David Coverdale also fell into the Botox trap like many other celebrities. He is another unlucky rock star whose handsome face has been changed by this procedure. It is not clear whether he over indulged or whether it was the work of a shoddy surgeon but the star is really different from who he used to be. He is another rock star who has to deal with the fact that he now looks like a woman. The transformation of his face to a feminine one has is not a thing to celebrate unless he wanted to change his sex. Knowing him as a rock star, he was always proud of his gender and transgender is out of question. He is simply unfortunate since his attempt at looking younger gave him unexpected results. His fore head is a bit elevated and his brow looks more feminine. There is a huge possibility that the English rock star had more than just Botox. However, you cannot know all of David Coverdale plastic surgery since he has chosen to ignore all the trending rumors.

Surgery Results

Plastic surgery has always been a great risk and the choice to have it done may mean you are ready to bid your natural looks goodbye. David’s face may never be the same again. For some reason, his lips were affected by his procedures since they look assymetrical. Pictures of him as a boy showed he had symmetrical lips alluding his current change to cosmetic surgery. It is an admirable thing that he realized soon enough that these procedures were working against him and decided to stop. This is evidenced from his current pictures where you see his face with a few folds. He has saved his face further damage and this has worked well for his image since he is still talked about as one of the celebrities who are aging well.